Chandragupta Maurya 11th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Chanakya thru binocular watches Rastrapal guiding blacksmiths building guns and thinks something he concept is happening, quickly Rastrapal will meet his demise. Avanti king meets Rastrapal who boasts that he is forcing blacksmiths from 14 janpads/states to construct unique weapons for Dhananand and orders Avanti king to supervise them and make certain they don’t lapse in nice, else Dhananand will kill his son. Avanti king pleads no longer to kill his son, he’ll do something he says. Chanakya thinks how to make 14 janpad kings against Dhananand. Maid informs him that they got 50 coal bags as consistent with his order. Chanakya asks to make a quality powder out of coal. Dhananand walks into Tarini’s room and says she informed she hates him, now he’ll display her what actual hate is. he is taking her to a circle and gathering residents there addresses them that he’s imparting them Pourav rastra’s king Malayketu. Malayketu is seen tied to a pillar. Dhananand says Malayketu is his enemy as he’s nice pal of his arch rival Chandragupta. He shouts Chandragupta has to give up himself through day after today, else his friend Malayketu might be killed.

Chanakya explains his plan the way to loose Malayketu from Dhananand’s grip. Chandragupta tells him not only he will unfastened Malayketu however children of 14 janpads. Chanakya says he could have Tarini and Durdhara to help him there. Chandragupta disguised as villager heads towards Dhananand’s palace with Sthul. Tarini gets Chandragupta’s message that Dhananand has kept Malayketu with children of 14 janpad kings. Amartya Rakshas sees that and asks what message she is hiding. She warns that she is king’s special guest and he can’t question her. He insists and calling Dhananand says she is hiding a few message and for king’s safety, he has to test it. Dhananand says they way she disappeared and now acting all at once makes him also doubt her, so Amartya can test Tarini. Tarini offers him message, and Dhananand asks Amartya to read it loudly. Amartya reads message from Tarini’s mother to one way or the other break out from merciless Dhananand’s grip and keep her life. Tarini says how Dhananand tarnished her self-respect, he ought to go back her message. Amartya shouts. Dhananand shouts to close up and returns Tarini’s message. Tarini walks away and hiding apart pulls out real message underneath her bangles and reads it again.

Durdhara is busy praying for her father searching at his portrait. Ambhi Kumar walks in. She asks him to leave him by myself. He says as a bodyguard he cannot. Tarini hiding near door indicates her peacock feather. Durdhara realizes that she were given Chandragupta’s message and walks away. Tarini informs him that Chandragupta despatched a message that Malayketu and other kids are in some region here. Durdhara says she knows where that region is. Tarini informs Chandragupta has reached palace and if she knows how will get in. Durdhara says through Dhananand’s personal room. Dhananand is busy ordering painter to paint Tarini’s p.c whilst Amartya walks in. Dhananand orders soldiers that he does no longer want to peer Amartya’s face today. Amartya says it’s miles vital. Dhananand walks along him. Chandragupta through mystery tunnel tries to go into Dhananand’s room. Dhananand gift there senses something is incorrect and pokes sword into the door. Chandragupta’s shoulder gets injured, but he escapes. Dhanaannd shuts again door and walks away. Durdhara senses Chandragupta is in risk and rushes towards Dhananand’s room. Dhananand sees her and asks what is she doing right here and wherein is her bodyguard. She says he failed in her given project, so she despatched him away. Dhananand warns no longer to mess around and walks away. Durdhaa enters Dhananand’s room and seeing Chandragupta there runs and hugs him emotionally. She says she is right here to help him in his assignment and shortly they will meet for all time. Tarini joins them. Durdhara takes them to a prison in which she saw guards taking kids. Chandragupta sees no meals for guards and realizes they come here at a selected time most effective. On the alternative aspect, Chanakya keeps guiding his group whilst he sees Dhananand with his squaddies coming there.

Precap: Ambhi Kumar threatens Tarini that he’s going to tell king that she is Chandragupta’s spy.


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