Chandragupta Maurya 11th March 2019 Written Updates: Dhanananda battle against Chandragupta

Chandragupta Maurya 11th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

It was a daunting task for Chandra to instil self-assurance in the folks who were given stripped of their self-confidence. Enslavement had weakened their will and that they had been resorting to demise as a substitute.

Well began is half finished. Chandragupta has succeeded in forming a military of his own to salary warfare in opposition to Dhanananda. The younger boy, who is guided by using an especially-found out political advisor (Chanakya) with an accurate foresight, wins the assist of the Kshatriyas of Piplivan, his nation. It was a frightening task for Chandra to instil confidence and the willpower inside the folks that were given stripped in their self-confidence.

Enslavement had weakened their ethical and they had been willing to pick out the loss of life over life. Such became their intellectual weak point when Chandra had met them within the goldmine where they have been deputed to work as slaves. Now, after several attempts, he has succeeded in now not simply assured however captivated with their wonderful country. they’re happy to see their Prince and Queen Moora.

They may be geared up to avenge the death in their King Chandravardan Maurya and the humiliation confronted with the aid of Moora in his nation.

With Chanakya’s steerage, Chandra’s motion has picked up steam, and he’s prepared to wage battle towards Dhanananda.

However, will Dhanananda remain quiet? No, at the contrary, he is also gearing up for the huge conflict. however, it’ll be interesting to look who Seleucus will support?

Will Seleucus help Dhanananda or deceive him through teaming up with Chandragupta? Chandragupta had already counselled Seleucus about Dhanananda’s intentions. How will the narrative spread? Will Chandra be able to recognise Chanakya’s dream of Akhand Bharat? Will he be capable of forestalling foreign powers from making fortunes on his home soil? No, he might not due to the fact he has vowed to shield the sovereignty of his motherland – Bharat Varsha. stay tuned for more updates


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