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Dahak and Nishumbi tie Chandragupta, Mura, Indra, and Sthul and torture them. Chandragupta shouts in pain. Jagatjala reaches there along with his navy and orders squaddies to seize Dahak and Nishumbi. Dahak warns to be cautious before capturing king Dhananand’s servants. Jagatjala says why will king Dhananand damage my servants. Nishumbi says these are king’s traitors. Dahak says this servant Arjun Akhet is Piplivan’s prince Chandragupta Maurya, different 2 are is pals Sthulbhadra and Indra, female is his mother Mura. Chanakya walks in and asks if he is Vishnugupt Chanakya then. Nishumbi says he’s Chanakya who’s mastermind behind Chandragupta’s plans against Dhananand. Chanakya says they are so clever, it is ideal lord Jagatjala got here right here on proper time the usage of his intelligence.

He requests Jagatjala to loose servants and seize them. Dahak says Chanakya is misleading him. Jagatjala orders to unfastened servants first and asks Chanakya his rationalization. Chanakya says those 2 are Piplivan’s assassins who need to damage Jagatjala and Dhananand and their armies, so that they planned all this and their first step turned into to benefit Jagatjala’s agree with via stealing royal seal and returning it subsequent. Jagatjala says it was stolen by way of Kajri. Chanakya says this female stole it and asks a servant to talk who says she noticed this servant stealing royal seal, but then stored quiet fearing for her lifestyles.

Dahak and Nishumbi say Chanakya is lying. Jagatjala orders to seize them. They both say they were given king’s and that they got king’s letter. Jagatjala assessments letter and asks Chanakya what he has to say. Chanakya says they each killed Kajri and Agjeev and asks shield to carry their dead bodies. protect brings Kajri and Agjeev’s dead bodies. Chanakya says they killed Jagatjala’s relied on servants so brutally and are Paraspura and Magadh’s largest enemies Chandragupta and his aide themselves. Dahak and Nishumbi say he is attempting to confuse king Jagatjala. Chanakya says they may be insulting king and they deliberate clearly properly to do their crimes and blame it on new servants in order that king does not doubt them. Chandragupta says he desires to be a faithful servant to destiny chief and help him in his training to become a in a position warrior and administrator. Martand says he does now not doubt Arjun. Jagatjala’s wife says her servant Durgeshwari usually helped her oftentimes and she trusts her.

Dahak and Nishumbi plead Jagatjala to trust them. Chanakya says he has evidence and says Jagatjala’s most agree with aide his brother Durgam dugu will present it. Durgam Dugu says he found Piplivan’s badge and flag in Dahak and Nishumbi’s rooms. Dahak and Nishumbi say these aren’t theirs and wicked brahmin Chanakya is puzzling him. Jagatjala warns them to prevent their lies and orders to kill them. Durgam dugu starts torturing them. They each say a loss of life character by no means lies, Arjun is Chandragupta. Durgam Dugu stops. Jagatjala orders no longer to forestall and after they’re killed orders to ship a message to king Dhananand that traitor Chandragupta is killed.

Chanakya Niti: Chanakya shows a paper rotating toy and says it rotates in wind’s path and if they try to rotate in contrary path, it’s going to spoil; they want to be so sturdy to stand towards winds or study to make use of winds in their want and now not against them.

Precap: Bhadrasal reads Jagatjala’s message that Magadh’s largest enemy is Chandragupta is killed in Paraspura. Dhananand reaches Paraspura in which Mura is standing with veil as servant.
Chandragupta receives tensed seeing her veil flying.

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Chandragupta Maurya 12 April 2019
Chandragupta Maurya 12th April 2019
Chandragupta Maurya 12 April
Chandragupta Maurya 12th April


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