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Shananand is lying in semi aware kingdom. He holds Tarini’s hand. She appears on the venom bottle in her hand emotionally. I desired to kill Dhananand but I dint do it Chandragupta (it’s far shown written on a letter to Chandragupta). I dint do it because I nevertheless love him however I dint kill him as you have made me recognize that one have to not rush into some thing! you’ll have given me this undertaking when I had entered on this palace as a spy for the first time but you dint do it. I understood your reason behind it these days! relaxation confident, i’m able to do my work diligently on this fight of justice. Sthool is miffed with Tarini but Chandragupta justifies her motion. There would have been no difference among us and Dhananand if she had killed him stealthily. Acharya reminds him that this conflict isn’t simply between people however two outlooks too. We need to end Dhananand’s unjust outlook too for which we should cease this all peacefully. Chandragupta will break his ego and uproot him from his throne! so as to be the right issue to do with him. Chandragupta and Sthool nod in settlement. Sthool asks them if they may ever get their cash lower back. we are losing a notable amount of cash from our conflict fund on our enemy. can we be capable of fill up it or not? Acharya is positive they’ll get double returns. simply make certain that those cash are combined with the tax carriage. we will hurt two birds with one stone now.

Pandu tells Dhananand that they have got obtained tax from anybody inside the state. The carriages could be accomplishing soon. Dhananand tells him to do his work. I should be elsewhere proper now. Pandu nods. Dhananand comes to his lab and unearths one bottle of poison missing from there. I instructed you to wreck the lab for my spouse’s sake but I don’t see whatever right here. where is the poison? I want the maximum toxic venom for my sword. the man apologizes to him. I even went the fingers room however there has been nothing. Even they haven’t any poison to apply on the guns. Dhananand dismisses him. This has never occurred before. It manner Chanakya and Chandragupta are behind it. i can discover their plan soon.

Chandragupta asks Sthool if they have any message from Vishkanya’s or clue from Pandu. Sthool denies. He breaks the bamboo in portions and finds a message in between. How do the Vishkanya’s realize we can be the usage of it? Acharya smiles. this is about concord. Sthool nods as soon as he reads the message. Our present has reached within the palace. Chandragupta says it is going as according to our plan. Pandu is our next target.

Pandu laughs that that is the satisfactory a part of operating for Dhananand. i am getting to be near this a whole lot cash now simplest. He reveals a peacock feather in one of the sacks. it’s miles virtually Chandragupta’s ploy. He topples it over and is stunned.

Dhananand appears on the useless body of his brother. This homicide wasn’t finished with the aid of Chandragupta. I know my enemies this a great deal. Who do you watched hates my brother so much Tara? He killed my brother so mercilessly! What might he have performed to someone? It might be someone close. Tarini says the game is blood of from both the sides. if you kill a person then even you wont be capable of get away the attack all of the time. Dhananand finds common sense in her words. You continually say the proper aspect on the right time so I requested you this. I desired you to understand that i’m now not doing whatever incorrect via trying to kill Chanakya and Chandragupta. They too are after my life. The dying of my brothers is the evidence of it! I haven’t any choice left. Henceforth, I smash all my guarantees from these days itself! he takes his brother with him.

Tarini thinks she could had been afraid of his questions if she had any feelings for him anymore. My hatred in the direction of you has given me a lot energy that i will appearance right into your eye and lie!

Dhananand brings his brother to a jungle. He asks him to place his hand internal a snake hole. His brother is reluctant however Dhananand asks him to do it. The snake wasn’t inside even though. Dhananand calls it bad. He makes him put his hand inner different snake holes however they are all empty. His brother realises that Dhananand dint carry him here to kill him. Dhananand says handiest you are Pandu are left now. I recognize that Chandragupta and Chanakya are after you both. I wont make it less complicated for you. each my brothers are very special for me. His brother asks him why all of the holes are empty. in which are the snakes? Dhananand calls it a entice in their enemies. they are the use of personal guns against us. They first made Mansa against us. Now the snakes have disappeared which means that they’ve a massive military of Vishkanya’s. It become part of their plan to kill our brother. They desired to get keep of the e book of spies. It manner their navy has spread amongst us and our statistics is getting transferred to them. He orders his brother to find that army of Vishkanya’s and kill them! You wont be of any use in case you fail on this task. i will kill you!

Chandragupta says we are able to cast off Pandu before sunrise. till then, we need to locate each bit of records about Dhananand’s troops via the river. Acharya advises Kalindi to be more cautious. Our task may be very hard. She tells him no longer to fear about them. we are willing to sacrifice our lives for our challenge! Acharya nods.

Pandu is pacing worriedly in his room. I and Kairavat may be the following targets of Chandragupta now. He notices a shadow outdoor his room and asks the man or woman to breakthrough. Tarini comes there. She apologizes for coming to his room this overdue. I got here to mourn your brother’s demise. Pandu retorts that she wouldn’t have despatched Amatya to this point if she without a doubt cared about them. The lax in protection came about due to his absence most effective. This wouldn’t have came about in any other case. She agrees. Amatya is doing a puja for my mother’s lengthy lifestyles and your brother lost his lifestyles due to the fact he become away. I think you’re proper. Dhananand wont concentrate to me. What if you bring Amatya lower back with out informing Dhananand? He tells her now not to speak like a fool. If I create a quandary to your yagya then Dhananand will kill me. She knows he is right. i will accompany you. i have realised that I need to restore this mistake myself. i can include you and i’m able to additionally pacify Dhananand. We have to depart asap. He asks her to come back right away.

Sthool tells Chandragupta they’re ready with their plan for Pandu. Vishkanya’s also are geared up. What have to we do now? Chandragupta says we are able to anticipate our prey to fall in our bait himself.

Chanakya Neeti:
You ought to have heard that peacock feathers are very beautiful even as his toes are equally hideous. when it dances, anyone focuses best on his feathers. it’s far because peacock appears at its virtues. We need to follow the same law. We should recognize our weaknesses however we need to continually focus on our capabilities. usually understand that this international will choose you simply the way you will value yourself. increase your self on your eyes so the sector can recognize you and admire your efforts.

Precap: Dhananand says my enemies were proper beneath my nose and that i hadn’t even idea of it. i’ve caught one among them! the only who has cheated me gets demise penalty!


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