Chandragupta Maurya 12th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me 

Chanakya tells Subhadra that graveyard is the safest place to hide Dhananand’s wealth. In the palace, Bhadrasal tells Dhananand that he has made arrangements to kill Mura and indicates Mura being hanged under iron thorns and acid falling on a rope. He tells this acid will slowly burn rope and Mura will fall on iron thorns. Dhana and says let us see if his cockroach/Chandragupta will trap Chanakya by means of sunset or will permit Mura to die. In the graveyard, Subhadra asks Chanakya are they doing proper by means of using graveyard for his or her gain. Chanakya says he can not help whoever has passed away but can save whoever is alive. Chandragupta reaches there and says his mother is underneath Dhananand’s grip and he wishes to lose her. He explains his plan to dig a tunnel underground and rescue Mura and taking

Mythri’s assist. They begin digging floor while Chanakya receives Bhairav’s message thru chicken in which Mythri informs that security is beefed up in the palace and he or she wishes Chanakya’s permission to move underground for some time. He realizes that Chandragupta has deliberate to capture him. Chandragupta kicks floor and bamboo cage surrounds Chanakya. Chanakya attempts to break cage unsuccessfully and warns Chandragupta that he’s doing a huge mistake and failing their undertaking of saving Bharath. Chandragupta says he’s just concerned approximately his mom and don’t care approximately whatever now. Chanakya says if captures him, he wishes to go back even Dhananand’s wealth, else Dhananand will no longer spare everybody. Indra says they worked so hard to get that wealth. Chanakya says to let it’s.

Dhananand sharpens his dagger to behead Mura. Mahamartya says he does not suppose Chandragupta will come and could fail to seize Chanakya. Dhananand says let him fail as failure teaches one to be more cautious like Mahamartya is now. Bhadrasaal informs that slave Chandragupta brings Chanakya. Dhananad rejoices and asks if he added wealth also. Bhadrasaal says yes. Mura thinks why did Chandragupta do that. Chandragupta enters on a chariot with Chanakya in cage and Indra on some other cart with wealth. Bhadrasaal asks squaddies to be counted each coin and if even 1 is missing to tell him. Chandragupta gets Chanakya out of the cage and drags him toward Dhananand. Dhananand boasts at remaining Chanakya is stuck.

Chanakya Niti: An empty nest teaches that its birds have learnt to fly and left the nest; further if they have to be successful, they need to leave their nest.

Precap: Dhananand tells Chanakya that his failed plans led him and slave Mura toward demise. Chandragupta interferes, however, Dhananand warns him to forestall.

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