Chandragupta Maurya 12th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Mura serves meals to Chandragupta and his pals. they all 3 joke while having food. Chanakya enters and says it’s time to get extreme and now Chandragupta does not have to cover identification to Dhananand and act as slave anymore. Chandragupta says he is ready to salary a struggle towards Dhanananand. Chanakya syas he need to study first. subsequent day, Chandragupta’s education starts at the same time as Piplivan’s kshatriyas also exercise. Senapati matsaldev walks to them wearing struggle gear and foot prosthetics. they’re all surprised to look that. He chants their slogan and all of them repeat. Chanakaya trains Chandragupta and he time and again fails. Chanakya attacks him even as resting and says a king must be alert usually. Chandragupta completes his education and defeats Chanakya.

Durdhara walks to Dhananand and asks if he goes on a struggle, how can he take slave Chandragupta with him, if he isn’t worried approximately her safety, he need to now not take slave along. Dhananand asks her to calm down and says he will shift her to hawa mahal until conflict ends and slave Chandragupta might be her bodyguard even there. He orders squaddies to construct hawa mahal for his sister and pork up protection over there until he returns from war.

Chanakya indicates Chandragupta to join Dhananand’s navy and get their mystery plans in advance so that Piplivan khsatriyas can prepare themselves. Chandragupta reaches palace and seeing soldiers working towards with inferior satisfactory guns smirks. He then walks to Dhananand and says he is ready to accompany for conflict and is taking into account being in king’s batallion. Dhananand sees his slave mark missing and says he’s seeing rebellion signs and symptoms in him. Chandragupta nervously says he did not sense lots ache disposing of it and asks again if he can be part of his batallion. Dhananand orders that his sister will be in hawa mahal until conflict ends and Chandragupta will be her bodyguard as usual. Chandraguptra tries to convince him again and again, however Dhananand rejects his plea.

Chanakya Niti: problems don’t come knowledgeable, enemy does no longer attack cautioning them in advance; each time those situation arise, one have to find a way out with calm thoughts instead of panicking.

Precap: Dayimaa informs Shipra that slave Chandragupta is Mura’s son. Chandragupta hears their conversation. Shipra runs to inform Dhananand.


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