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Chandragupta leaves Pandu’s useless frame with a message below Dhananand’s golden effigy. Dhananand reads that he must be keen to understand why he left Pandu’s useless body beneath his golden effigy, this is the vicinity in which he had reduce Pandu’s finger doubting him for stealing his golden effigy’s head, but the fact is he had stolen it and that is the time once they met for the first time. He have to have realized seeing Pandu’s useless body that he has lost his most favored gold mine. He shouts Chandragupta. Chandragupta hoists Piplivan’s flag on gold mine and says for years this vicinity was a tough area for its people, now it’s going to Dhananand returns to his palace and orders Kevyavrath to get army ready to attack Chandragupta as he wants to burn Chandragupta’s dead body below his golden effigy. Tarini thinks she has to forestall him for sometime to alert Chandragupta about the attack. She asks why is he in a rush while he has not even completed Pandu’s remaining rights yet. Dhananand says his brother’s final rights will take place for sure, but he will lose his kingdom and the whole lot if he doesn’t act, he has to expose his enemies that even now he can cease them and is extra effective than them.

Amartya rakshas in Piplivan’s jail reminisces Chanakya’s words that he has to either pick out to be loyal to Magadh or be dependable to merciless Dhananand. Durdhara and Chanakya mild lamps with hearth torch. Amartya rakshas further reminisces Chandragupta telling Dhananand’s all pillars of helps could be damaged, best 2 brothers are left now and shortly even they may be killed; Chanakya says Nand extended family’s three remaining pillars Dhananand, Pandu, and Kevyavrath will be killed soon. He stops Durdhara and says he by no means spoke to her searching at her face, but nowadays he will; Chandragupta is a traitor and enemy from before and merits demise sentence, however she is Dhananand’s brother and even then she betrayed him, it is better she would have died in youth, how can she betray her very own blood. Durdhara says Dhaananand has continually shed different’s blood in his lifestyles and betrayed his pricey ones always, he deserved someone’s war of words. Chandragupta walks in and says Durdhara selected to aid truth and dharma and history will don’t forget him with respect. Amartya shouts Chandragupta.. Chandragupta warns to dare not talk against Piplivan’s maharani and be in his limits. Amartya shouts greater. Chandragupta holds Durdhara’s hand and leaves. Amartya thinks as soon as he is out of jail, he’s going to destroy Chandragupta.

Tarini attempts to leave to ship message to Chandragupta when Dhananand stops her and says he needs his spouse, Magadh’s queen to perform his vijay tilak in order that he can return positive and she perform his vijay tilak again. Tarini says handiest he can shed his and different’s blood with out feeling responsible. Dhananand says he’ll no longer permit her forestall him. she applies vijay tilak on his forehead and prays god that Dhananand have to recognize that he’ll get respect with the aid of protecting his citizens and no longer by means of killing them, an excellent administrator need to be a protector and not killer rather.

Amartya acts as feeling thirsty and uneasy and pleads shield to get him water. shield rushes to him and he kills protect and attempts too open prison lock with keys. Sthul walks in and asks not to waste his power as seeing his ultimate act, Chandragupta gave keys to Durdhara and anyways Chandragupta and Chanakya would have completed their venture. Chandragupta travelling in a boat with Chanakya asks him in the event that they must have taken Sthul along. Chanakya says let him stay there and that they need to occupy river financial institution from Dhananand now. Keyvavrath informs Dhananand t hat Chandragupta and Chanakya are heading in the direction of river financial institution, so that they ought to reclaim gold mines. Dhananand says he amazed that even after understanding most effective Kevyvais alive, Kevyvais isn’t considering a actual hassle, he’ll reclaim his gold mines whenever, largest trouble is Chandragupta and that they want to complete him first.

Precap: Chandragupta says Chanakya and Durdhara they will attack first and step in the direction of united Bharath.


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