Chandragupta Maurya 15th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Dhananand comes to Paraspura and after Jagatjala invites him requests to demonstrate to him Chandragupta’s dead body. Jagatjala brings him into castle. Everybody tail him. He enthusiastically says he can smell dead bodies. Martand tells Chandragupta/Arjun what sort of lord is Dhananand is. Chandragupta says extremely merciless lord, Martand ought not become like him. Martand says never. Jagatjala asks Dhananand to favor his child Martand. Martand comes in front. Dhananand says he doesn’t appear to be fearless and ground-breaking, great he is taluk boss’ child and not king’s. Jagatjala and Martand feel embarrassed. Gatekeepers bring caskets. Dhananand energetically requests that they open pine boxes and yells in annoyance seeing Dahak and Nishumbi’s dead bodies. He tosses Jagatjala in Dahak’s pine box and closes it. Jagatjala argues to save him as he pursued his request and murdered his adversary Chandragupta. Chandragupta gets him out and says he executed his helpers Dahak and Nishumbi. Jagatjala says he was told this man is Chandragupta and was even given proof and demonstrates Piplivan’s identification and banner. Dhananand says his assistants more likely than not accumulated it against Chandragupta and asks who gave him this proof. Jagatjala illuminates that his counselor Lakha napit gave him proof. Dhananand requests to discover Lakha napit and bring him. Amartya Rakshas admonishes Jagatjala that he previously had educated that Chandragupta is a 16-multi year old youngster, does Dahak look ike an adolescent. Jagatjala feels embarrassed for his error.

Chandragupta and his group quietly get away. Chanakya says they can’t battle or escape from here as Dhananand’s military is all near, so he will go before Dhananand and endeavor to delude him. Chandragupta endeavors to stop him with his passionate words, yet comes up short. Durgam Dugu supposes he is certain Arjun is Chandragupta and Durgeshwari is his mom Mura, so he needs to demonstrate their character to lord with verification. He strolls to Amartya rakhas and requests that how distinguish Chandragupta. Amartya inquires as to whether he is able to do. Durgam says he haas to attempt in any event. Aamrtya says Chandragupta dependably keeps his mom’s bangle with him, thinking back prior episodes.

Mura is with Kalgi enriching room with blooms. Kalgi says they celebrate shivratri with improvement. Durgam strolls in saying this room is brimming with marvels, for what reason don’t Kalgi let her brother by marriage appreciate a delight. He strolls to Mura and holds her hand. Kalgi says she needs this hireling for help. Durgam takes out smaller than expected bolt from Mura’s hair and says this woman is a finished warrior and is a shatrani. Mura gets strained reasoning he distinguished her.

Chanakya Niti: If he needs to utilize a pot, he have to know its ability; likewise before confiding in an individual, one needs to discover his/her ability, shortcoming, powers, and so on..

Precap: Chanakya goes before Dhananand as Lakha napit/stylist. Dhananand says he questions this man is a hair stylist.


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