Chandragupta Maurya 15th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Bhadrasal brings Jagatjala’s message and peruses that Magadh’s 2 greatest foes are slaughtered. Dhananand says he is anxious to go to Paraspura and see Chandragupta’s dead body by and by. Amartya rakhas gets some information about Dahak and Nishumbi. Dhanaannd says this letter has Jagatjala’s imperial seal and he confides in him more than some other taluk boss and in the event that he has guaranteed, at that point he more likely than not slaughtered Chandragupta, let him take a quick trip and see dead bodies by and by.

Chanakya tkes back his group to their alcove and clarifies how and Chandragupta discovered Dahak and Nishumbi’s death plan and how they arranged everything from misdirecting Dahak and Nishumbi, giving them a chance to grab their companions, keeping Piplivan identification and banner in Dahak’s trunk and advising Durgam Dugu, at that point changing entire circumstance against Dahak and Nishumbi, and so on.. Sthul says his arrangement was amazing obviously, however he has one inquiry. Chanakya asks in the event that he needs to know for what good reason I didn’t cause harm. Sthul says he is researcher and know everything, he frustrates dependably. Everybody chuckle.

Jagatjala gets Dhananand’s message that he is visiting Paraspura. He assembles every one of his house cleaners and advises that lord is coming, so they should make game plans to welcome like in an illustrious manner the ruler merits. Chanakya and his group get strained hearing that and choose to not go before Dhananand. Jagatjala reproves Martand that he will articulate Martand as next taluk boss before ruler, he needs to act reliably. Martand demands Chandragupta to go with him when lord arrives. Chandragupta endeavors to maintain a strategic distance from, however futile. On the opposite side, Kalki demands Durgeshwari/Mura to be along her when lord arrives. Indeed, even Mura opposes yet futile. Dhananand touches base on his chariot. Jagatjala with all his group welcomes him. Dhananand gets down from his chariot and says he is anxious to see his foe Chandragupta’s dead body. Mura is standing aside and her shroud flies. Chandragupta gets strained reasoning Dhananand will see her face.

Chanakya Niti: A seeker’s prosperity or disappointment relies upon his readiness and when his objective discovers that it is being focused on, it get away; similary one needs to keep their arrangement a mystery, else adversary won’t fall prey.

Precap Upcoming Chandragupta Maurya Episode Update: Dhananand reproves Jagatjala that he executed his sent professional killers rather than Chandagupta Jagatjala says his guide Lalkha napit gave him numerous confirmations against them.


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