Chandragupta Maurya 15th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Dhananand comes back to his castle and requests Kevyavrath to prepare armed force to assault Chandragupta as he needs to consume Chandragupta’s dead body under his brilliant representation. Tarini supposes she needs to stop him for at some point to caution Chandragupta about the assault. She inquires as to for what reason is he in a rush when he has not played out Pandu’s last rights yet.

Dhananand says his sibling’s last rights will occur without a doubt, yet he will lose his kingdom and everything in the event that he doesn’t act, he needs to demonstrate his adversaries that even now he can end them and is more dominant than them. Amartya rakshas in Piplivan’s correctional facility thinks back Chanakya’s words that he needs to either be faithful to Magadh or be faithful to coldblooded Dhananand. Durdhara and Chanakya light lights with flame burn. Amartya rakshas further thinks back Chandragupta disclosing to Dhananand’s everything mainstays of backings will be broken, just 2 siblings are left now and before long even they will be executed; Chanakya says Nand tribe’s 3 remaining columns Dhananand, Pandu, and Kevyavrath will be slaughtered soon. He stops Durdhara and says he never addressed her seeing her face, yet today he will;

Chandragupta is a deceiver and foe from previously and merits capital punishment, however she is Dhananand’s sibling and still, after all that she sold out him, it is better she would have kicked the bucket in youth, how might she sell out her very own blood. Durdhara says Dhaananand has constantly shed other’s blood in his life and double-crossed his dear ones consistently, he merited somebody’s encounter. Chandragupta strolls in and says Durdhara bolstered truth and dharma and history will recall him with deference. Amartya yells Chandragupta.. Chandragupta cautions to set out not criticize Piplivan’s maharani and be in his points of confinement. Amartya yells more. Chandragupta holds Durdhara’s hand and leaves. Amartya thinks once he is out of prison, he will pulverize Chandragupta.

Tarini attempts to leave to send message to Chandragupta when Dhananand stops her and says he needs his better half, Magadh’s ruler to play out his vijay tilak with the goal that he can return successful and she play out his vijay tilak once more. Tarini says no one but he can shed his and other’s blood without feeling regretful. Dhananand says he won’t let her stop him. she applies vijay tilak on his brow and asks god that Dhananand ought to understand that he will get regard by ensuring his natives and not by slaughtering them, a great executive ought to be a defender and not executioner.

Amartya goes about as inclination parched and uneasy and argues watchman to get him water. Watchman hurries to him and he murders gatekeeper and attempts too open prison lock with keys. Sthul strolls in and asks not to squander his vitality as observing his last demonstration, Chandragupta offered keys to Durdhara and at any rate Chandragupta and Chanakya would have completed their assignment. Chandragupta going in a pontoon with Chanakya inquires as to whether they ought to have taken Sthul along. Chanakya says let him remain there and they ought to involve waterway bank from Dhananand now. Keyvavrath educates Dhananand t cap Chandragupta and Chanakya are going towards waterway bank, so they ought to recover gold mines. Dhananand says he astonished that even in the wake of knowing just Kevyvais alive, Kevyvais isn’t thinking about a genuine issue, he will recover his gold mines whenever, most serious issue is Chandragupta and they have to complete him first.

Precap: Chandragupta says Chanakya and Durdhara they will assault first and venture towards joined Bharath.


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