Chandragupta Maurya 16th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Chanakya reminds about war between ruler Puru and lord Sikandar where Sikandar’s military wouldn’t cross Jhelum waterway the same number of them would have passed on attempting to cross it. Essentially Magadh is encompassed by streams on 3 sides and bumpy mountain boundary on 1 side, a large number of their troopers would have passed on attempting to cross obstructions. Durdhara says Guruji is correct. Chanakya says now Dhananand will be caught up with reinforcing security around waterway bank and they will assault Magadh. Dhananand does same.

Dhananand comes back to royal residence and concentrates gold from stone. He asks Tarini in the event that she is thinking for what good reason he is occupied with separating gold from stone entire night, his sister Durdhara needed him to get ready gold decorations for her during rakshabandan and he began doing this from that point forward for next rakshabandhan. Durdhara additionally sincerely discloses to Chandragupta how Dhananand began removing gold from stone to make her adornments as a present for next rakshabandhan. Dhanaannd reveals to Tarini that tilchatta/Chandragupta grabbed the two his sister and gold mine, however he is certain soon his sister will come back to him.

Kevyavrath undermines pandit to advise where Chandragupta has kept Amartya. Pandit says he doesn’t know however heard a couple Magadh warriors’ dead bodies were found and ruler Tarini had helped Chandragupta. Kevyavrath says he needs to advise Dhananand about Tarini’s selling out however with verification, else Dhananand will execute him. Dhananand gets ready gold bangle for Durdhara and inquires as to whether is suspecting how might he be so quiet as opposed to wanting to assault Chandragupta, that is on the grounds that his companion who is Chandragupta’s foe is touching base to assault Chandragupta. Tarini supposes it must be Seleucus without a doubt and sends message to Chandragupta.

Chandragupta attempts to reassure passionate Durdhara when Sthul enters and cautions Chandragupta to set out not make his sister cry on rakshabandhan and inquires as to whether Chandragupta is disturbing her, her sibling won’t extra him. Durdhara grins. Sthul says now he is loose and asks Durdhara to tie rakhi on his hand soon. She does cheerfully and he endowments her a bangle and vows to ensure as long as she can remember. Chandragupta gets Tarini’s letter expressing Seleucus is coming. Chandragupta says it is hard to the two foes and they have to prepare heretofore.

Precap: Tarini hangs tight for vishkanyas and when watchmen stop them cautions monitors and takes viskhanya along. Dhananand strolls towards her.


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