Chandragupta Maurya 17th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Dhananananda, who is going to lose everything, will not surrender rout on account of Chandragupta. He has demonstrated that he is a monster as a human who doesn’t cease from murdering a kid to demonstrate his matchless quality. Tarini alerts him about the fiasco on his doorstep, however he will not recognize what would be inevitable and keeps on considering approaches to execute Chandragupta.

Amatya Rakshas, Dhanananda’s most confided in assistant, demands him not to get disillusioned. He presents Vishkanya, whom he has enlisted to execute Chandragupta. Vishkanya draws Dhanananda and consents to work for him.

For the individuals who participated in late, here’s a little flashback to the story. Chandragupta drives his military on the combat zone against Magadha to free Avanti from Dhanananda’s control. He spreads out the banner of Avanti in the fundamental castle to guarantee his triumph over the kingdom. What’s more, when Dhanananda finds out about it, he rage with resentment.

Dhanananda has officially lost his oldest sibling Rashtrapal, and he doesn’t wish to lose any of his different kin. He likewise realizes that the lords of the thirteen Mahajanapadas may rebel against him in the event that he hurts their kids who are in his imprisonment.

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Dhanananda has nearly lost the mind game and Vishkanya is by all accounts his last wager. Tarini attempts to prevent him from welcoming his passing, however he won’t accept that he will lose.


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