Chandragupta Maurya 18th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Amartya sees Dhananand why he appears tensed after they were given a deadly weapon vishkanya Mansa to kill Chandragupta. Dhananand says his brothers are lazy and due to them, he misplaced 2 battles and even his prisoner princes escaped, he has to teach them a lesson and make them active. Amartya says he has a plan for that. Tarini washes her foot wounds to apply medicine. Dasha Siddika enters retaining medicine and says king usually issues her and is ruthless in the direction of her, however he can heal her wounds. Tarini warns that she does now not have any feeling for Dhananand or him, so he need to forestall trouble him.

Maid informs them that king is asking anyone. all of them gather in the front of Dhananand. Dhananand says these days is guru poornima and because he is their guru and king, they’ll wash his ft. One brother washes toes. Dhananand asks to drink it and then perform his pooja. On the other side, Chandragupta informs his team that these days is guru poornima and he wants to admire his guru. He washes Chanakya’s ft and says if he finds god and guru, he will pick out guru as guru taught him everything. He does Chanakya’s pooja and feeds him sweets. Chanakya looks at him smilingly. Chandragupta asks why is he smiling. Chanakya says years ago he sow a seed which has grown into massive tree. Chandragupta says he will comply with his guru’s recommendation continually and could no longer prevent till he frees Bharath from Dhananand’s grip and turns into united Bharath’s king.

Chandragupta asks Chanakya what is their subsequent plan. Chankaya says they may make Dhananand kill his one brother and he’s. Chandragupta says Dashasiddika who’s Dhananand’s finance minister. Dhananand asks his brothers to present him guru dakshina by taking oath retaining their fingers on their coronary heart. They take oath to be always unswerving and obedient to him. Dhananand asks to interrupt coconut and finish their oath. They destroy coconuts. Dhananand finds a message in one coconut. Amartya says it’s far someone’s message.

Chandragupta addresses his group that their journey has started out by using uniting all arms right into a fists; now Piplivan, Takshashila, Pourav rastra, and Avanti have united; their intention is to hold their undertaking going and see a united Bharath. every person chant Bharath jayatu. Mansa reaches there and mingling among Chandragupta’s team alerts her aide to wait until she orders. Chanakya says like Malayketu is Pourav rastra’s future, Avanti kumar is Avanti’s future, Chandragupta is united Bharath’s future. Mansa hears that and thinks she need to inform Dhananand that Avanti kumar is alive.

Precap: Dhananand asks who attacked his aide in his personal palace.


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