Chandragupta Maurya 19th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Dhanananand asks what is she doing here. She says she needed to inquire as to whether he change is mind and not go on war. Dhananand says once war closes, it will bring new beam of life for them. Dhananand arrives at waterway bank. Sthul says their arrangement was to catch this waterway base camp, yet with Dhananand’s essence in what capacity will they do it. Chanakya says as Chandragupta stated, they will likely snare their adversaries with these spoiled fishes. Dhananand scents stink and asks what is it. Warrior says a couple of spoiled fishes have arrived at waterway bank. Dhananand faculties its Chandragupta and Chanakya’s arrangement and sends his warrior pontoons into stream. Officers state there is noone in waterway. Dhananand checks spoiled fishes and discovers oil on them, yells its Chanakya’s snare and requests vessels to come back to shore right away. Chandragupta and Chanakya shower fire bolts on spoiled fishes and blasts Dhananand’s pontoons. Dhananand is stunned to see that and irately executes Chandragupta’s troopers who assault his military. He gets a message from royal residence that Chandragupta’s vishkanyas have entered royal residence furtively and are executing officers here. Dhananand asks whre is Tarini. Errand person says she is in royal residence itself.

Dhananand doesn’t leave stream bank and keeps battling with Chandragupta’s troopers. Sthul gets strained that they can’t prevail upon waterway base camp until Dhananand is available there. Dhananand thinks back wedding Tarini and supposes he can’t lose her once more, so he needs to come back to royal residence and secure her. He jumps on his chariot. Fighter s ays in the event that he leaves, it is hard to deal with Chandragupta’s military. Dhananand leaves saying he couldn’t care less. Officers likewise flee behind him. Chandragupta advises Sthul to send message to Durdhara that everything is leveled out now and to remain in royal residence itself.

Durdhara hangs tight for Chandragupta’s message excitedly. Kevyavrath’s associate trades Chandragupta’s message with his message quietly. Durdhara peruses Sthul’s message that Chandragupta won waterway base camp, yet is seriously harmed, so she should arrive at base camp soon. Durdhara leaves speedily. Keyvavrath enters castle jail and murdering gatekeepers liberates Amartya. Amartya says he is seeing a daring Keyvavrath and will advise ruler how he liberated him. Chanakya gives Piplivan banner to Chandragupta to lift on base camp as their triumph. Durdhara comes to there and embracing Chandragupta inquires as to whether he is fine. He says yes. She says she Sthul’s message that he is seriously harmed. Chanakya says Kevyavrath probably sent that letter. Chandragupta says Kevyravrathrealized they have caught Amartya and needs to free Amartya, so they have to arrive at royal residence at the earliest opportunity.

Chanakya Niti: Dust on street doesn’t have any worth, however this residue shows a great deal; on the off chance that we venture on it, it flies and delivers retribution from us, on the off chance that it falls in our eyes, it will hurt our eyes; resolve is on the off chance that one is ground-breaking, not to consider others are feeble or little and on the off chance that one is powerless, not to see oneself as vulnerable as circumstance can generally change.

Precap: Dhananand reveals to Tarini that Magadh won’t twist before anybody. Tarini feels bleary eyed and crumples, Dhananand gets concerned.


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