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Chandragupta Maurya: Chanakya wraps his shawl over Chandragupta and asks him to move hearth and store Piplivan Kshatriyas quickly. Chandragupta jumps into hearth circle and asks Agnimukh to leap on the opposite aspect and save others. Agnimukh jumps on different aspect.

Chandragupta enables different khsatriyas to leap on other facet subsequent. A burning tree falls on him, however Vishakji bears it on himself and saves Chandragupta. Chandragupta with others’ assist pulls tree away and sees Vishakji passing away chanting Piplivan’s slogan.

He sees khsatriyas getting injured and himself falls down injured. Mura rushes to him and saves him on time. On the opposite aspect, Dhanaannd enjoys watching injured khatriyas and tells Mahamartya that they’ll be finished soon. He then sees his brothers Pandu and Keyvrath returning on cart and thinks

if they did now not need to enjoy looking khsatriyas demise. They show their unhappy faces.
Chandragupta nurses khsatriyas and tells Chanakya that Dhananand has harmed their army to the middle, how will they fight now. Chanakya addresses khsatriyas and says their prince is doubting their bravery and will energy, they need to make him understand that khsatriyas’ body is made of iron and now not flesh and blood. Kshatriyas chant their slogan.

Chandragupta inspired by way of their will power addresses them that they may fight till their last breath and could win or die in war field. Kshatriyas repeat with him. Pandu informs Dhanananand that Mura became guiding khsatriyas and he did no longer see Chanakya there.

Dhananand is amused to hear that and says that means Chanakya is still alive, now they have to complete their adventure inside 3 days and orders to hurry up.

Durdhara walks in hawa mahal remembering Chandragupta’s words wishing her right luck and it can be their remaining assembly. Govishanka asks why she seems unhappy, in which is her slave Chandragupta. Durdhara says he is lacking.

Govishanka says even his buddy Sthulbhadra is lacking. They query soldier who informs that Chandragupta and his pal tied him and escaped. Govishanka orders to discover Sthulbhadra and produce him. He informs Durdhara that he noticed Chandragupta and Sthul wearing bed suspiciously after which he saw her slumbering in his room’s couch.

She asks when did she sleep on his sofa, she by no means got here to his room. Shipra wakes up below bed and frees herself. Govishanka asks from while she is aware of slave and his friend. Shipra enters and says he isn’t slave, he is Piplivan’s prince.

Agnimukh sees Chandragupta smiling and asks purpose. Chandragupta says whilst their purpose is apparent, they see demanding situations and even possibilities. He says Dhanananand’s largest energy is his full-size army if you want to take a long term to reach its destiny, their small military can disperse in jungle and may attain future earlier than them and may be dangerous to enemies.

Chanakya indicates they may wreck Dhananand’s army’s food and other resources, with empty belly they gained’t be capable of combat. Chandragupta says allow us to prove a strength of fist with palms united and show how harmful they are to Magadh army.

Chanakya Niti: To climb mountain, a rope helps them; a teacher teaches them a way to reach their destiny; if they go away rope mid way, they will fall from mountain into deep pit; similary they need to appreciate their trainer’s know-how, else they’ll lose in existence.

Precap: Dhananand is bowled over to look slave Chandragupta as his enemy. Chandragupta says he’s Piplivan’s prince Chandragupta Maurya.


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