Chandragupta Maurya 1st August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Mahamartya demonstrates Bhootpal’s dead body and says since a couple of days, huge numbers of Dhananand’s siblings have passed on. Dhananand says they can’t fault Tarini as Bhootpal is by all accounts slaughtered by toxic substance; they will celebrate and offer regard to his dead siblings.

Amartya inquires as to whether this is the ideal time to celebrate. Dhananand says he is wedding Tarini and tossing this festival. Durdhara discloses to Chandragupta that they have been hitched for a long time however have not hung out like a couple. Chandragupta grins. Keeps an eye on strolls in with artist young ladies and acquaints Chandragupta and Durdhara with them and says these are Bhootpal’s artists who bore Bhootpal’s psychological and physical provocation, so she presented to them all here.

Ladies inquire as to whether they are upsetting them. Mura says they are battling for dignity and welcome in their group. Chandragupta inquires as to whether they can make every one of these ladies vishkanya like Mansa and use them in their main goal. Chanakya says concurs.

Tarini strolls to Dhananand irately. Dhananand says they will look great wearing same shaded dresses in their wedding and requests tailor to line same dresses for them. Tarini stands up to why he powers his choice consistently on her, she wouldn’t like to wed him, he is constantly narrow minded. Their contention proceeds. Dhananand says everybody supposes he is pitiless and she is here to hurt him and no one enjoys her here, yet he needs to refute them all.

Chandragupta says thanks to Mura for making him an individual he is today. Artists disclose to Chandragupta that they are prepared to move toward becoming vishkanya and help him in his main goal of joined Bharath. Mura says it isn’t effectively for 1-2 individuals to prepare them. Chanakya says he has enlisted many snake charmers and vaidyas for preparing. Chandragupta says wind charmers will get poison from snakes and vaidyas will get ready cure and Chanakya will prepare artists to move toward becoming vishkanya giving them perfect measure of toxic substance and counteractant.

Precap: Chanakya reveals to Chandragupta it is the ideal opportunity for Tarini to finish her most significant mission. Chandragupta says if Tarini weds Dhananand, no one will question her.


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