Chandragupta Maurya 22nd February 2019 Written Episode Update. Tellyupdates Chandragupta Maurya 22 February 2019 Full Episode of Sony Liv hindi drama serial Chandragupta Maurya full show episodes on Apne Tv.

Dhananand rushes to meet Dayimaa when Bhadrasaal informs him that Dayimaa is awake now. He asks her who tried to kill her. Dayimaa reminisces Chanakya telling Piplivan’s prince Chandragupata will rule on whole Bharath after Dhananand. She slowly points at Chandragupta. Chandragupta silently lets Pandu in front of him. Dhananand says elder brother Pandu? Pandu says he came just now. Dhananand asks him to relax as Dayimaa has not yet recovered well. Chandragupta relaxes.

Chandragupta waits at river bank and thinks why did Guru Chanakya ordered him to wait for Seleucus’ signal here, what he wants to prove. Seleucus reaches river bank and shoots arrow on Chandragupta. Chandragupta holds arrow. Seleucus says he came to befriend him on his invitation and used same style which Chandragupta used. Dhananand’s spy sees Chandragupta with Seleucus and gets suspicious.

Seleucus asks how to trust Chandragupta. Chandragupta takes him to secret place where he has hidden Dhananand’s wealth. Seleucus is shocked to see that and asks how did he loot Dhananand’s wealth being a small kid. Chandragupta says he can do a lot and wants to destroy Dhananand, Seleucus can get this wealth if he helps him free guru Chanakya from Dhananand’s jail and explains him his plan.

Dhananand’s Spy informs Bhadrasaal that he saw Chandragupta with Seleucus. Bhadrasaal then informs same to Dhananand. Dhananand is amused to hear that and orders to call his tilchatta/cockroach Chandragupta. Chandragupta walks in and greets Dhananand. Dhananand asks why did he meet his close friend Seleucus. Chandragupta is shocked to hear that. Dhananand says nobody can escape from his gaze. Chandragupta says Selecus wants to prove himself superior than Dhananand,

so he thought of befriending him and pass on all his secret information to Dhananand. Dhananand says slave always amuses me and says he has one surprise for him and showing poison says he will use it on Chanakya to torture him and get info of where he has hidden wealth. Chandragupta gets tensed.

Precap: Chandragupta Maurya 22 February 2019 Written Update Chandragupta throws poison in Chanakya’s jail cell which turns into poisonous smoke.


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