Chandragupta Maurya 22nd July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Sthul demands Chandragupta to demonstrate his moving aptitudes. Chandragupta denies. Mura likewise demands. Malayketu says they all need him to move. Chandragupta demonstrates his moving aptitudes and envisions Durdhara strolling to her and him moving and embracing her. He embraces Sthul rather why attempts to free himself with incredible trouble. Chandragupta acknowledges it and asks what’s happening with he. Durdhara composes love letter for Chandragupta and strolls towards room where envoy winged creatures are kept. Tarini approaches her and says after last occurrence, Amartya Rakhas has expanded security at message room, so she ought not sent letter to Chandragupta. Durdhara says she won’t as it is an issue of Chandragupta’s security. The two of them here gatekeeper advising another watchman that Vaidya told Ambhi Kumar is picking up cognizance.

Tarini says on the off chance that he uncovers truth that the two of them attempted to free rulers, they will be in a difficult situation. The two of them surge towards Ambhi Kumar’s room when Dhananand sees them and inquires as to why his sister stressed over Ambhi Kumar and he is astounded to see his sister and Tarini’s closeness, it is clear as the two of them detest him. He takes them in and asks Ambhi Kumar who attempted to murder him. Ambhi Kumar says Tarini. Dhananand cautions to mind his tongue. Amartya says let him talk. Tarini thinks back bolstering him trancelike drug. Ambhi Kumar says Tarini is a ruler, warrior, has huge hands, her face is red, she will execute Dhanand, Amartya, and Durdhara, yet he will spare them all. Amartya cautions to quit blathering and takes Dhananand away. Tarini and Durdhara unwind.

Mansa signals her assistant to follow up on their arrangement. Assistant blows noxious needle towards Avanti kumar. Chandragupta sees it and yells Avanti kumar. Mansa pushes Avanti Kumar away and bearing noxious needle on her shoulder breakdown. Chandragupta hauls out needle. Chanakya treats her and asks how is she feeling now. She gestures fine. Avanti lord says thanks to her for sparing her child. She says it was assault on Avanti ruler as she heard somebody disclosing to Dhananand needs to execute Avanti lord at any expense. Chanakya asks where is she from, they will drop her home. She says she is from Bandi town and after its destroyal, she is meandering looking through them and discovered them today at last, she needs to be in their military and serve them, however she is certainly not an ideal warrior. Chandragupta says they generally need faithful individuals and respects her.

Precap: Mans blends her harmful blood into Chandragupta’s sustenance. Chandragupta begins hacking devouring sustenance.


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