Chandragupta Maurya 22nd March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Dhananand is amused to see his slave Chandragupta as his biggest enemy. Chandragupta says he’s King Chandravardhan and queen Muura’s son and Piplivan’s prince Chandragupta Maurya. Durdhara is also amused to peer Chandragupta as enemy. Dhananand asks her to head in and reminisces all of the incidents associated with Chandragupta and Chanakya’s oath to kick him out of his crown and rent a brand new king who will rule united Bharath. He laughs that he pities on fool bhramin Chanakya who’s dreaming of creating a slave as king and says he’ll forgive him if he brings Chanakya’s head. Chandragupta says Chanakya must be respected as an alternative and nowadays he’s going to end Dhanaand’s evil rule and attacks him together with his given sword. Dhananand says he trusted him and gave this sword rather of Mahamartya and give him many items and admire he did not deserve, now he is betraying him. Chandragupta reminds him how he betrayed king Puru, Chandravardhan, his brothers, and so forth., so he’ll gain what he sowed.

Dhananand says Mura is the motive for all this and orders to discover and execute her. Mura emerges in front and says she is here and even guru Chanakya is right here. Chanakya says he’ll fulfill his oath after his scholar wins. Dhananand asks Mahamartya to word this day in Magadh’s records for birthday party as he will kill all three enemies right away. Chandragupta chants Piplivan’s slogan and shouts to assault. His military assaults Magadh army and begins killing him. Asaka king Vajrabahu enters and walks on Dhananand’s side. Chanakya asks how can he betray. Asaka king says he is not a idiot to threat his peoplee for a person’s oath, Dhananand has promised to spare Asaka if he helps him. Dhananand says Chanakya called him a idiot, however he already met Asaka king Vajrabahu before him and made a compromise.

Chandragupta maintains combating with enemies and poisons keeps affecting his frame. He gets susceptible. Mura shows his circumstance to Chanakya and asks him to Chandragupta away. Chanakya orders Piplivan khsatriyas to backtrack. Chandragupta says they must now not and he’ll no longer backpedal, he’ll both win or reach martyrdom. Dhannand says then get ready to die.

Chanakya Niti: fire is an element which ends up darkness, lighting range to cook dinner meals, but when it’s miles used to ruin things, it burns matters into ashes; he means what and whom they pick matters.

Precap Upcoming Chandragupta Maurya episode update: Dhanaannd brutally injures Chandragupta. Chandragupta falls down injured. Dhananand says it’s time for remaining journey and attacks Chandragupta.


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