Chandragupta Maurya 23rd April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Martand informs Dhananand that he saw Chandragupta going towards horse stable and assembly his crew and planning to get away thru mystery door, king ought to reach there earlier than they break out. Dhananand asks him to take him there quickly. Martand insists to peer his parents safe before showing taking him to mystery region. Dhananand says he underestimated him and factors sword on his neck. Martand receives adamant to peer his mother and father first. Dhananand orders to convey Martand’s dad and mom soon. On the other aspect, Chandra, Sthul, Baldev and Indra stroll via secret path. In hall, Amartya Rakshas indicates servants to Jagatjala and asks to pick out Chandragupta and his team. He says none of them. Bhadrasaal punishes guards for now not figuring out Chandragupta and his team. Kalgi on the opposite aspect acts as not figuring out

Mura and Chanakya. shield comes and informs that king sought Kalgi straight away. Kalgi and Jagatjala attain Dhananand. Martand emotionally hugs his mother. Dhananand says Jagatjala that his son is acting oversmart and he can kill him for that, but will spare him. Martand says as promised he’ll show where Chandragupta and his crew are.

Chanakya, Indra, Baldev and Mura reach a mystery chamber in which secret tunnel is present with a view to cause them to jungle. Chandragupta with Sthulbhadra reaches close to a slender door and walking in asks Sthul to get in, however Sthul with his overweight frame is not able to skip through. Chandragupta says he’ll move and open door from other aspect, he can get in after that. Sthul sees squaddies coming and serves them cold water, they call for meals and chortle announcing if fat guy ate all. Sthul receives indignant hearing that and provokes them that he’s Chandragupta’s right hand guy Sthulbhadra. Chandragupta comes out and kills soldiers and takes Sthulbhadra in.

Martand brings Dhananand to mystery chamber and indicates Chandragupta and his team. Baldev tells Chanakya that he instructed Martand is untrustable. Chanakya says let us escape from here first and jumps into tunnel along with his group. Dhananand follows them. Baldev, Sthul, Indra, and Chanakya get out of tunnel. Chandragupta asks his mom to exit first and he or she insists him to exit first. Chanakya says he needs destiny king to pop out first and asks to agree with him. Chandragupta comes out and asks Mura to maintain his hand and come out. A jaw clamp grips Mura’s leg and he or she is trapped. Chandragupta tries to leap back into tunnel to shop his mom, however Chanakya stops him and asks him to go while he saves Mura. Chandragupta leaves trusting him. Chanakya closes tunnel lid.
Dhananand reaches Mura and captures her. Chandragupta waits for Chanakya to go back with Mura. Chanakya reaches alone and says Dhhananand captured her. Chandragupta rushes on his horse to save Mura. Chanakya stops him pronouncing he Dhananand seize Mura as per his plan.

Chanakya Niti: They cannot refix a reflect as soon as damaged, further they cannot rebuild believe once broken.

Precap: Dhananand captures Mura and drags Mura to Pataliputra. Chandragupta reaches there to keep her.


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