Chandragupta Maurya 25th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Dhananand orders Amartya to call his brothers to resolve lion puzzle and he is positive they cannot remedy it and best he can, his reputation will growth after he solves puzzle. Amartya says as he orders. Chandragupta follows Dashasiddika and his soldiers making pass marks at the partitions on the manner for easy identification of direction. They attain prison where thirteen janpad princes are kept. protect informs Dashasiddika that king known as him. Dashasiddika leaves. Chandragupta removes his masks and kills guards. He searches key, however does now not locate it and realizes Dashasiddika stored key with him. youngsters say jail is manufactured from sold metallic and if he tries to interrupt it, guards gets alert. Chandragupta asks them to try to come out through window. Bell jewelry and next batch of guards walk in. Chandragupta kills all of them.

Dhananand orders his brothers to attempt to clear up puzzle and get lion out. Pandu tries to break cage with hammer however fails. Chanakya scoffs cage is fabricated from very heavy steel and he need to use greater energy. Pandu attempts again however offers up. Dhananand laughs that Pandu failed and asks Kevyavrath to try. Kevyavrath attempts to cut cage with saw, however fails and injures his hand.

Dhananand scoffs to go and nurse his wound and his gentle body. He then asks Dashasiddika to attempt his luck, however Dasasiddika gives up without attempting. Chanakya says now it’s miles king’s turn. Dhananand walks in the direction of cage whilst Durdhara receives up. He asks if she does no longer need to peer her brother smash cage and come to be top notch king. Durdhara says she isn’t always interested in this drama and walks away hoping Chandragupta should have freed youngsters.

Chandragupta receives youngsters out of jail and taking them out tricks protect pronouncing Chandragupta has infiltrated prison and is releasing kids, he desires their assist to stop him. Guards ask why didn’t he stop Chandragupta. Chandragupta says Chandragupta has electricity of 10 human beings, he can’t prevent him alongside. Guards run closer to jail. youngsters ask Chandragupta if he is so powerful, then why didn’t he ruin jail.. Chandragupta says he overpraised himself to divert attention and says his pal is looking ahead to them at northern a part of palace.

Dhananand praises himself as wise and says if they pulll any item in opposite directions, it’ll weaken and wreck, most effective an shrewd man or woman like him is aware of about it. He orders squaddies to tug cage. They tray and fall down. human beings snigger that even king could not resolve this puzzle. Sthul enters with chariot. Guards stop him and asks in which is he going. He says to revel in fresh air. Guards seize him. He says princess Durdhara referred to as him. Durdhara enters and orders guards to leave him, asks him if he delivered what she ordered. He says yes and walks alongside her talking to her. Chandragupta takes children to Northern balcony where Sthul is waiting with chariot and says this one leap will free all of them, asking them to jump into chariot.

Precap: Amartya shouts nobody can solve this puzzle, Chanakya says one person can and factors at Chandragupta who’s status in balcony.


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