Chandragupta Maurya 25th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Dhananand exits with him and going on truck tells Dashasiddika fouled up. Dashasiddika approaches if slaughtering Ambhi Kumar for attempting to execute Tarini wasn’t right. Dhananand says he fouled up by giving Ambhi Kumar a basic demise, it’s not possible for anyone to set out to try and contact Tarini. Chanakya purchases a sham confined lion from its merchant unraveling riddle how to get lion out of pen without opening entryway. He at that point inquires as to whether he can settle this riddle.

Chandragupta checks pen and clarifies confuse. On the opposite side, Dhananand with Amartya and Dashasiddika achieves Dashasiddika’s castle and inquires as to whether children came to securely. Amartya says yes and Dashasiddika says he has made solid security plans. Gatekeeper advises about a businessperson bringing lion baffle and mentioning passage into city. Amartya recommends to give him access as it I a deep rooted unsolved riddle and if lord unravels it, it will expand Magadh’s pride.

Dhananand concurs. Chanakya masked as representative a Chandragupta as his right hand enter city with riddle mirroring in an alternate voice. Dhananand welcomes them and requests to demonstrate their riddle. Chanakya says he might want to blessing princess Durdhara something as he probably is aware she is the key for King’s heart. Dhananand grants.

Chanakya gives Durdhara her bangle. Durdhara distinguishes bangle. Dhananand says his sister didn’t care for blessing. Durdhara says she like this one of a kind blessing and expectations businessperson meets his objective soon. Chanakya shows confined lion and says one should expel it out without opening entryway; asks Dhananand to initially give his siblings a chance to fathom this riddle. Dhananand says it is smart thought.

Chandragupta quietly enters castle and murdering all security gatekeepers wears their dress and tosses message before Dashasiddika. Dashasiddika peruses that Chandragupta has come to free 13 princess and murdered all security protects.

Precap: Chandragupta clarifies 13 janpad rulers approach to escape when gatekeeper distinguishes him.


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