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Durdhara with extremities tied via chains plans to break out from Chandragupta’s jail and drops hearth torch on dry grass from her legs. Sthulbhadra notices smoke and rushing to her frees her from chains. Durdhara hits his head through dust plate and escapes. Chandragupta with Chanakya, Baldev, and Indra walks in. Sthul cries that Durdhara tricked her and escaped. Chandragupta says he is aware of she must have long past through jungle direction. Dhanand rides his chariot with Mahamrtya and Mura and says he desires to oblige to Chandragupta’s demands and rescue his sister. Chandragupta and his crew seek Durdhara in jungle. Durdhara reaches river and seeing Magadh border gets into boat and sails it. She sees Magadh’s flag and thinks she isn’t always a long way faraway from her brother. She seees Dhananand a long way away and calls Bhai.

Dhanaand hears her voice and says his sister is asking her. Durdhara falls into river. Amartya Rakshas says there may be nobody right here, it’s miles king’s imagination. Dhananand says he heard Durdhara’s voice from river side. Amartya Rakshas asks Bhadrasaal to b e careful even as he goes with king. Durdhara is set to drown absolutely while Chandragupta rescues her and takes her on boat. She shouts to live far from her. He asks to calm down as he wanted to put up her returned to Dhananand the next day morning anyhow. She asks why he’s performing as worried for her. He says he continually included her and could constantly. She says he is afraid of her brother and is appearing. He says her brother is a a liar and he killed her father. She says he is lying. He says he himself heard Dhananand confessing that he killed his father. Durdhara shatters hearing that.

Amartya Rakshas walks near river with Dhananand and says they searched for princess anywhere and did not locate her. subsequent morning, Dhananand waits for Chandragupta at his described spot and restlessly asks why Chandragupta did now not attain but, if Chanakya is planning some thing else. Amartya rakshas asks him to relax. Dhananand hears footsteps and excitedly says his sister is coming. He receives irritated seeing residents coming rather and fumes as soon as he gets lower back his sister, he will make Chandragupta fall into his personal human beings’s eyes.

Durdhara rides horse with Chanakya, Sthul, and Indra. Sthul asks how can she be so silent with out a material on her face or her hands tied. Chanakya asks him to preserve silent. Amartya rakshas watches thru binocular Chanakya bringing Durdhara on horses and informs Dhananand. Dhananand additionally tests through binocular and gets happy seeing his sister coming to him. He does not discover Chandragupta and name callings Mura that her coward son is scared of his lifestyles and escaped. Chandragupta status on cliff and says he is right here. Dhananand asks to ship his sister. Chandragupta says he’ll ship Durdhara simplest if Dhananand sends his mother Mura. Dhananand shouts how dare he’s to reserve him. Chandragupta says he does now not have any choice and princess will flow if queen Mura move. citizens talk Chandragupta is so brave to oppose king, he’s the authentic contender.

Chanakya Niti: Ocean waves increase or decrease with moon’s influence, similarly their fear is enough to get matters finished for them; they can reach even a bigger goal with their influence like moon.

Precap Upcoming Chandragupta Maurya Episode Update: Monday’s maha episode’s announcement is finished.


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