Chandragupta Maurya 26th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Moora asks Chandragupta to wake up as he lies unconscious in her lap. She does now not need her son to succumb to the poison due to the fact he has an uphill mission in hand.

The war among correct and evil is a long way from over. Chandragupta, who falls unconscious because of poisoning, is taken faraway from the battlefield by means of Chanakya and Moora. Sthoolbhadra and Indrajanik reach the battlefield at the right time to mislead Dhanananda in order that Chanakya and Moora ought to shop him from getting stabbed. Chanakya attempts to go away Magadha along with his entourage to shop Chandragupta, however Dhanananda and Vajrabahu’s joint army chases him.

To keep their Prince, the Kshatriyas of Piplivan headed via Agnimukh decide to shield them and prevent the enemy’s army from chasing them. Dhanananda asks Amatya Rakshas to alert their army and assault Chanakya’s entourage even as they cross the river. when his navy receives stopped by way of the Kshatriyas, Dhanananda threatens to kill Agnimukh through displaying his muscle energy. the 2 warriors combat with their swords, and in the long run, Dhanananda kills Agimukh.

Meanwhile, Moora asks Chandragupta to wake up as he lies subconscious in her lap. She does now not want her son to succumb to the poison because he has an uphill venture in hand. She wishes him to do his obligations earlier than losing the war to existence. For the unversed, Chanakya wishes Chandragupta to fulfil his dream of Akhand Bharat. He feels Chandragupta is worthy of leading no longer just Magadha however Akhanda Bharat. Chanakya wants to keep foreign invaders at bay, and therefore he desires the 16 Mahajanapadas to remain united.

To realize his dream and avenge the humiliation as a result of Dhanananda, Chanakya needs Chandragupta to dethrone the tyrant rule of Magadha to establish a kingdom wherein the subjects get handled with appreciate. Chanakya wanted to team up with the King of Asaka to defeat Seleucus and pressure him out of the borders of Bharat, but Vajrabahu cheats him. Vajrabahu, the King of Asaka chooses to aspect with Dhananada and attacks Chanakya instead. How will Chanakya realise his dream now? Will Chandragupta regain focus to offer a becoming reaction to Dhananada? stay tuned with for more updates.


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