Chandragupta Maurya 27th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Chandragupta lies mostly oblivious, and Dhanananda chooses to exploit his condition. He lifts his sword with full power to kill Chandragupta, however, Moora comes to on time to stop him.

Mother’s adoration has the ability to spare her kid from perils. Moora’s affection for Chandragupta exhibits a mother’s unequivocal love for her youngster. To spare Chandragupta by taking him to the Ramba Parvat, Moora conveys him on her back. At long last, she achieves the tent of the Vaidya Raj who readies the drug to spare Chandragupta’s life.

Chandragupta neglects to react to the treatment at first, however Moora influences edgy endeavors to wake him to up. Moora’s confidence and conviction mix life into Chandragupta who had turned blue because of harming. The Vaidya Raj is upbeat to see Chandragupta recovering awareness. He asks Moora to get some dirt to proceed with the treatment. After she leaves the tent, Dhanananda enters it and wounds the Vaidya to death.

Chandragupta lies incompletely oblivious, and Dhanananda chooses to exploit his condition. He lifts his sword with full power to kill Chandragupta, yet Moora comes to on time to prevent him from prevailing in his main goal. Moora wounds Dhanananda and challenges him to battle with her.

For the uninitiated, Chandragupta falls oblivious in the wake of interacting with a toxic blossom called Naag Pushpa. The toxic substance spreads through his body making him feeble and inert. Chanakya, with the assistance of Indrajanik and Sthoolbhadra, figures out how to spare Chandragupta from getting slaughtered by Dhanananda. Alongside Moora, he takes the waterway course to escape from Dhanananda’s military.

Be that as it may, Dhanananda’s Navy assaults them while they move towards the Ramba Parvat to secure the Jeev Gandh Booti for Chandragupta’s recuperation. Chandragupta’s life is precious for Moora and Chanakya as well as for the general population of Bharat. He realizes that Dhanananda’s rule will demonstrate unfavorable to the possibility of Akhand Bharat.

Consequently he approaches the King of Asaka, Vajrabahu, for help. Be that as it may, Vajrabahu helps Dhanananda and at last, gets executed by the despot ruler. The central issue is – Will Chandragupta rout Dhanananda


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