Chandragupta Maurya 28th February 2019 Written Episode Update
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Chanakya addresses Chandragupta that he returned as a warrior at last who will take forward his abandoned mission of ending injustice and creating united Bharath; his friend Dhoomketu sacrificed his life for justice and instead of getting martyrs’ honour and was called a traitor. Chandragupta reminisces Dhananand ordering citizens to crucify Dhoomketu and stone pelt him till he dies. Dhananand continues his moral speech provoking Chandragupta to go against Dhananand and get martyrdom’s respect to his friend Dhoomketu. Chandragupta runs from there and reminiscing Chanakya’s words does Dhoomketu’s last rights and takes oath on his ashes to destroy Dhananand and take revenge of all the lives Dhanaannd took. He further takes an oath to become united Bharath’s king.

Chandragupta returns to Chanakya’s den and light lamp near Dhoomketu’s ashes tries to walk away. Chanakya asks where is going now. Chandragupta says to meet Seleucus and prepare the army to fight against Dhananand. Chanakya says he will get the army, but will foreigners value his aim of united Bharath, he will be Seleucus puppet next, so better he gather his loyal men to fight against Dhananand. Chandragupta asks where will he find them. Chanakya says there were 1000 Piplivan’s khatriya soldiers who fought against Dhanaanand and were captured by him, a few would be still alive and would be eager to serve their future king; he has to find them and each one will overpower 100 soldiers of Dhananand.

Dhananand while having food meets Mahamartya’s selected guard and asks them to have food. They unveil plates are shocked to see cut heads. Dhananand says these were the soldiers under whose nose traitors took Dhoomketu body away and if they fail, even they will behead. He shouts at them to go and let him enjoy the food. He then tells Mahamartya that Seleucus will try to show his superiority after knowing about Chanakya’s escape, so he needs immense wealth to recruit more army.

Chandragupta meets Mura and asks if she knows where Dhananand has kept Piplivan’s kshatriya warriors. Mura says she did not know Dhanaannd has still hosted them even after 12 years, they were trained to survive even in the toughest situation where a common man cannot survive even for a day. Indra enters and tells Chandragupta that he wants to go home as he feels uneasy and senses something wrong will happen as he found gold coins smeared in blood and he heard soldiers discussing that wealth was derived from Dhanananand’s opponents’ bones and mass. Chandragupta says guards were talking about those Piplivan’s warriors for sure, he has to find out where they have been kept.’ He tells Indra that he will follow empty chariots which are taken where warriors are kept. Mythri hears that and asks if guru Chanakya knows about it. Chandragupta says no and leaves. Mythri thinks even being a future king, Chandragupta has to bear so much hardship, she will inform Chanakya about Chandragupta’s plan as he must be eager to know it.

Chanakya Niti: Iron has to through immense heat and beatings to become a sharp sword which can kill enemies; similarly one has to go through hardship to become a competent warrior to face an enemy.

The written replace of 28 February 2019 Chandragupta Maurya episode update online story ends.

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Precap: Upcoming Chandragupta Maurya episode update Dhananand captures Mythri and says he knows she is the traitor who is Chanakya’s puppet, he wants to where Chanakya has hidden wealth and who is the student who is helping Chanakya destroy my kingdom.


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