Chandragupta Maurya 28th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Dhananand sees broken piece of his crown and says this one broken piece shook his effective and large dynasty, there is one extra broken piece on the alternative facet and if it is found by means of enemies, his dynasty will shatter. Mahamartya says their navy is extra effective now with extra soldiers introduced and they will discover Chandragupta soon. Dhananand orders to now not handiest use military however all their resources and discover Chandragupta and his khsatriya military soon. His brother says he has a foolproof plan and it’s going to no longer fail, he’s going to send sniffing dogs to trap Chandragupta and his navy. Chandragupta and his army are in jungle once they pay attention dog sounds. Sthulbhadra says some puppies are coming closer to them. Chanakya says those are Magadh’s famous sniffing puppies and they’ll perceive enemy’s blood even 1 km away and will cut their enemies into pieces. Chandragupta cuts his palm and runs in opposite path. dogs runs at the back of him. Chanakya gathers infantrymen’ blood stained garments. Mura asks what’s he doing. Chanakya says he is making an attempt to divert sniffing dogs’ interest and teach his inexperienced pupil a lesson. He runs in the back of Chandragupta and displaying blood stained clothes to puppies throws them away. puppies run in the back of garments. He then scolds Chandragupta that he should no longer act so rashly without any plan and if something had occurred to him, what about his and lots of other human beings’s dream of united Bharath, so he must act responsibly from hereon.

Dhanananand in location fumes after his sniffing dogs fail. Durdhara walks to him and apologizes for developing a problem for him now not understanding Chandragupta’s authentic motto, reminiscing all of the incidents. Dhananand says she need not worry as due to her, he capture most powerful janpath/country Asaka.

At night, Chanakya along with his group hiding in a cave tells Dhananand will ship his puppies again to seize them. Sthulbhadra informs that Mahamartya is coming with puppies and army. they all run to hide themselves. A khatriya soldier says he has a plan to escape and light a hearth torch runs in contrary route. Mahamartya follows him and surrounding shouts betrayal. Soldier smiles and says he can’t trap them. Mahamartya shouts he may be punished and stabs him. Piplivan khsatriyas react seeing their friend being killed, but Chandragupta stops them and says they can’t allow cross waste courageous warrior’s sacrifice and every now and then they ought to back off to assault enemy with greater powers. Chandragupta says they will ought to discover an area to cover.

Chanakya Niti: A small pebble can disturb lake’s calmness, in addition a small problem can trade their lives, so that they must be careful and be organized to stand any untoward state of affairs.

Precap Upcoming Chandragupta Maurya episode update: Pandu introduces assassins Dahak and his sister Nishumbha who’re expert in locating their enemy and assassinating them.


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