Chandragupta Maurya 28th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

After going through a small but full-size defeat at the arms Chandragupta, Dhanananda vows to avenge the humiliation by mercilessly killing him.

Consequently, the tyrant ruler units his wild puppies free to lure Chandragupta and his army. meanwhile, Chandragupta, who suggests signs of restoration after getting dealt with for the poison, suggests symptoms of frustration. Chanakya asks him no longer to sense pessimistic and be hopeful of a shiny destiny.

Dhanananda is an opportunist, greedy and inhuman ruler who needs to increase his kingdom by deceit or pressure. he is even prepared to aspect with foreigners to get his dreams fulfilled. He proved how imply he’s by killing Vajrabahu, the King of Asaka after the latter helped him within the struggle against the Kshatriyas of Piplivan

For the unversed, Chanakya had suggested Vajrabahu about Dhanananda’s actual cause, but the latter chose to team up with Magadha instead of assisting Piplivan. however, Dhanananda isn’t always by myself in his struggle. He has his brothers Pandup and Kaivarta by means of his aspect who are seeking forgiveness after doubting their brother’s aim. They mistake Dhanananda’s approach and assume he had driven them into the battlefield and had fled to keep his existence.

On the one hand, Dhanananda needs to rule the sixteen Mahajanapadas with the aid of hook or criminal, and on the opposite, Chanakya goals of setting up a strong and a united Akhand Bharat. Chanakya believes that Chandragupta has the ability to guide the sixteen Mahajanapadas and come to be the undisputed King of Akhand Bharat.

Chandragupta is the son of late King Chandravardhan and Queen Moora of Piplivan. he is young and obsessed on his motherland. Chanakya has trained him well, and his teachings have inspired the young boy to sacrifice his desirous about the u . s . a .. he is now in need of a safe safe haven. He is aware of he might get caught quickly. his issues come actual


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