Chandragupta Maurya 29th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Amartya cautions agent/Chanakya that astound can’t be understood by any means. Chanakya says there is an individual who can settle this riddle and focuses at Chandragupta remaining in overhang. Chandragupta tosses hot lead towards lion which melts down totally leaving Piplivan banner. Chanakya escapes quietly. Dhananand acknowledges it was Chandragupta and representative was Chanakya. Back home, Chandragupta clarifies Chanakya that he discovered lion was of paraffin, so he arranged this transition to free youngsters. Dashasiddika strolls to Tarini and says he will conflict with ruler.

Tarini says he will be executed on the off chance that he conflicts with Dhananand. Dashasiddika says he couldn’t care less and powerfully holds Tarini’s hand. Dhananand strolls in and consume indignantly observing that. Chandragupta takes Mura’s gifts and says boldness isn’t in sword yet in swordman, credit for his prosperity goes to his mom and his master Chanakya. Chanakya says he credit for his great deeds goes to him and even he accused for his awful deeds. Chandragupta asks what does he mean. Sthul says he is disregarding Durdhara who is remaining alongside him.

Chandragupta says he didn’t see her. Durdhara blows up. Chandragupta applauds. Artists enter and engage. Chandragupta holds Durdhara’s hands and says she experienced a great deal of hardship throughout everyday life, except from hereon he will ensure her and they will be as one for their entire lives, so he needs to wed her today itself. Durdhara gets cheerful hearing that. Tarini whines Dhananand that Dashasiddika attempts to attack her. Amartya demonstrates a letter where Chandragupta demands Dashasiddika to enable him to free 13 janpad rulers and break from that point.

Dashasiddika says he isn’t right and he is being caught. Dhananand says no one should set out eye on Tarini and sticking him to a divider cuts his throat and says he had just informed that on the off chance that anybody set out to eye on Tarini, he would slaughter him gradually.

Precap: Amartya rakshas tells his assistant that underlying driver for every one of the issues is Tarini, they need to get her out of their way. The two of them hit Durdhara’s head from behind and make her oblivious.


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