Chandragupta Maurya 2nd August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Chandragupta says he is pleased to wed a savvy lady like her. He offers note to Chanakya who gets upbeat finding out about Tarini and Dhananand’s wedding and says it is a decent new, presently Dhananand won’t question Tarini that she is their government agent. Dhaanand and Tarini’s wedding finishes. Post wedding, house cleaner demonstrates exceptional dress to Tarini. Tarini says she needs to wear typical garments.

House keeper says Dhananand adores her a great deal and looked through her wherever when she disappeared, he went melancholy and controlled himself some way or another, presently on the off chance that she discourteously acts with him, he will break. Dhananand strolls and says he is extremely glad to get back Tarini throughout his life and leaves asking Amartya to open his mystery room. Dhananand then controls his revolutionaries with his knowledge and plans against Chandragupta.

Durdhara and Mura with Mans trains ladies to progress toward becoming vishkanya. Durdhara genuinely discloses to Mura that she lost her mom in youth and considers Mura as her mom, Mura as mother of all should manage them. Mura gets passionate.

Amartya advises Dhananand that Chandragupta is keeping an eye on their covert agents and knowing every one of their privileged insights, so they can’t confide in their government operatives any longer. Dhananand this time they will let Chandragupta assault first and leave him in stun with their arrangement. Tarini figures what he more likely than not covered up stealthily room and strolls into it. Dhananand supposes she began adoring him again and expresses gratitude toward her for reaccepting him. On the opposite side, Chandragupta and Chanakya proceed with their arrangement to assault Dhananand.

Precap: Durdhara discloses to Chandragupta that Tarini cherishes Dhananand now and will sell out them. Chandragupta says on the off chance that she needed to sell out us, she would not have executed Dashasiddika and Bhootpal and reveals to Chanakya that he will prepare armed force.


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