Chandragupta Maurya 2nd August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Dhananand gets romantic with Tarini and says he turned into a fool to let her pass faraway from him, however now he will by no means allow her cross far from him. She feels shy and he holds her hand. The consummate. Tarini thinks Dhananand always confirmed his cruel form to each person, however she will prove he is a good man and will change his photograph and save him from Chandragupta. Chandragupta gets his group ready for struggle and touches Mura’s toes. Mura says she sees his father’s photo in him and she is sure he’s going to loose Piplivan from Dhananand’s grip. Chanakya tells Chandragupta it’s time to depart as Tarini could have finished her plan already. Durdhara stops Chandragupta and says they cannot trust Tarini absolutely.

Tarini hears door knock and opens it. She sees Chandragupta’s message in a lamp, opens and reads that Chandragupta is attacking together with his crew and she have to ensure Dhananand reaches thru north path and if he reaches via other path, she should tell them at once. She walks in corridor nervously whilst Dhananand calls her. Durdhara tells Chandragupta that Tarini has advanced love for Dhananand and will try to be dependable to him. Chandragupta says Tarini hates Dhananand. Durdhara says she has faced comparable state of affairs, even knowing Chandragupta is her brother’s arch enemy, she fell in his love and now they’re married; it’s far the same case with Tarini. Chandragupta says Tarini wouldn’t have killed Dashasiddika and Bhootpal else and despatched them messages, he trusts her completely. Durdhara insists to accompany him. Chandragupta says Dhananand will assume he is the use of her as protect, so he can’t take her. He walks away to get army geared up. Chanakya tells Durdhara that he’ll maintain her warning in mind, Chandragupta is equal considering the fact that adolescence and trusts humans blindly.

Dhananand stops Tarini and asks what’s she doing right here. Amartya walks in and says he has an essential announcement to make. Dhananand orders to speak in the front of Tarini. Amartya informs that Chanakya and Chandragupta with their navy are heading towards Piplivan. Dhananand says it’s far a proper risk and orders Amartya to get navy prepared. Tarini asks Dhananand why did he lie that he’ll no longer let her pass faraway from him. Dhananand says she will ask something, he will go on a war although. She asks him to vow that he will now not no longer kill Chandragupta and Chanakya. Dhananand promises and says they will assault thru south route. Durdhara reminisces Chandragupta’s message to inform him if Dhananand adjustments his plan.

Chandragupta with his navy heads in the direction of Piplivan. Mura stops and orders to divide military into 2. Chandragupta asks Chanakya if it is his plan. Chanakya says sure and he trusts Durdhara’s doubt. Mura says Chandragupta has to hoist flag on Piplivan castle by way of night. Chandragupta says as soon as he wins, she must put together her preferred kheer. She says he should ask his wife. He says his spouse doesn’t recognise to cook. She says then he have to learn cooking and serve each mother and wife. Their dialogue maintains..

Precap: Chandragupta and Chanakya combat with Magadh infantrymen. Dhananand laughs at them and says they tried properly, but will fail.


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