Chandragupta Maurya 2nd July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Chanakya tells Chandragupta that he should win a war now not simplest on a professional cease, but also on a non-public stop. Chandragupta says he has already infused fear in Dhananand’s thoughts, he must be last doors and lost his intellectual stability. He maintains that soon he will grasp Piplivan from Dhananand that’s Dhananand’s proud win and let humans recognize Dhananand’s electricity is ending, he’ll allow humans of all castes and religion stay together without any fear. Sthul brings groom’s wedding ceremony attire for Chandragupta. Chanakya smiles and says Chandragupta is speakme like a king, he turned into reminding that he’s going to need to keep both expert and private existence nicely.

Mura with Durdhara and others reaches near Piplivan palace. Mura congratulates Durdhara that quickly she will be able to be queen of Piplivan. Durdhara congratulates her for returning domestic. Mura reminisces her loss of life husband telling her that their son Chandragupta will take revenge from Dhanaannd and bring Piplivan’s lineage. She emotionally picks Piplivan’s soil. Tarini reminds that there aren’t any guards around palace, something is wrong. chief also informs same. infantrymen surround them. Mura attempts to tug her sword, however Tarini stops her announcing squaddies outnumber them and that they cannot fight them now. infantrymen seize them and take them inner palace. On the opposite sidce, Dhananand in his palace panics reminiscing human beings chanting Chandragupta’s call. It echoes in his mind and he angrily punishes his infantrymen for taking enemy’s call. Amartya Rakshas enters and says soldiers did no longer talk some thing, he is overhearing it. Ambhi Kumar enters and requests Dhananand to forestall Chandragupta as he has headed towards Piplivan’s palace, he might also kill him however have to forestall Chandragupta and display that he has 14 states’ military with him. Dhananand says he’s proper.

Chandragupta together with his team reaches till palace and does now not discover Mura, Durdhara and others. He reveals Mura’s sword and Durdhara’s veil. Chanakya examines and exhibits they were abducted.. squaddies inside palace keep Durdhara, Mura and others as hostage. Chandragupta enters silently and kills infantrymen. Mura realizes her son has come and fights with squaddies. Durdhara and Tarini also fight and kill all squaddies. Chanakya notices Tarini’s bravery and says he has visible only some extraordinary female warriors like her. Durdhara says Tarini is very brave and saved her from Ambhi Kumar ultimate time. Chandragupta name callings Durdhara that she trashed her would be husband Ambhi Kumar. Durdhara warns him if he says that again, she will be able to honestly move and complete pheras with Ambhi Kumar. They search Mura who’s visible emotionally selecting Piplivan’s flag. She tells Chandragupta that he has to unfastened his kingdom from Dhananand’s cruel rule.

Chanakya Niti: If he has to set off hearth, he can with both water or sand, but if he uses water, he has to attend till wooden dries off to light hearth once more, so he has to apply sand for fast solution and reuse of firewood once more; similarly one has to apply their moral sense to distinguish what is higher and what is first-rate.

Precap: Dhananand asks Amartya rakshas if Shipra took shagun for Durdhara. Amartya rakshas nods yes. Dhananand says quickly tilchatta/Chandragupta will die.


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