Chandragupta Maurya 30th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Chanakya informs Chandragupta that he has mixed poison in his meals and he have to finish it to increase immunity towards poison as Dhananand will try to kill him after he married his sister and and on account that Chandragupta can be becoming destiny united Bharath’s king, there may be many enemies looking to poison him and Mansa herself informed there are many vish kanya/poison women like her, as a way to be on a more secure side he’s going to always provide him meals mixing handiest required quantity of poison he can tolerte and broaden immunity against it. He can not monitor his schooling to his expensive ones, else they will no longer permit it. Mura enters and says he’s underestimating Chandragupta’s pricey ones, she can be close to Chandragupta until his training completes. Durdhara attempts to go into Chandragupta’s room, but she does now not allow him.

Bhootpal enjoys liquor and dance and orders to name Tarini. Mansa enters and dances in front of him. Bhootpal says he has no longer visible one of these lovely woman in his life and asks her to come back to him. She says she will only if he guarantees no longer to touch every other lady than her, not even beautiful and captivating Tarini. Bhootpal says his brother is mad in the back of Tarini and no longer him, asks Tarini and all different dancers to leave. Mansa thinks as soon as she gets what Chanakya sent her here for, she will kill Bhootpal. On the opposite Chandragupta maintains consuming poison and developing immunity even as complete Bharath rebeles against Dhananand, Dhananand indulges himself into alcohol after Durdhara and Tarini go away him.

Mansa maintains maintaining Bhootpal busy in her splendor and alcohol at the same time as Tarini searches mystery e book about Dhananand’s plans. She unearths it. inebriated Bhootpal sees her and name callings Dhananand’s female love is his slave and orders Tarini to fill his alcohol pots. Tarini says she finished all her paintings here, signalling Mansa to kill Bhootpal now. Mansa kisses Bhootpal and kills him along with her poison. Chanakya gives Dhananand’s secret e-book to Chandragupta. Chandragupta exams ebook and says that is the cause Dhananand is aware of every minute facts about his dynasty. Chanakya describes how all low stage people like cleaners, drivers, vendors, etc., supply statistics to Dhananand and preserve him updated about the modern happenings in his dynasty. Chandragupta says they will also use identical method towards Dhananand.

Amartya walks into Dhananand’s room. inebriated Dhananand warns him to prevent proper right here if he cannot discover Tarini. Amartya says there are extra critical troubles than Tarini, citizens in entire dynasty has long past rebels, it is higher to lose Tarini in this situation to pay attention on main issue. Dhananand warns if he kidnapped Tarini and if he does no longer inform in which she is, he’s going to kill him. Tarini enters and says she is here. Dhananand excitedly rushes to her and asks in which turned into she all in recent times. She tells she went to satisfy her mother to inform that she will stay for some more days in Magadh. He hugs her and tells he knew she would now not depart her. Amartya fumes seeinng that. Pandu enters and says there may be sad information. Guards deliver Bhootpal’s dead body.

Chanakya Niti: A camphor can burn spreading satisfactory odor, however if it’s miles left underneath sun it’ll melt; further if someone is not allow to show his expertise, he will go useless.

Precap: Chanakya hires vishkanya and other professional girls to educate Chandragupta’s girls team.


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