Chandragupta Maurya 31st July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Bhootpal appreciates alcohol and move and requests to call Tarini. Mansa enters and moves before him. Bhootpal says he has not seen such a lovely young lady in his life and requests that her come to him. She says she will just on the off chance that he guarantees not to contact some other young lady than her, not by any means lovely and entrancing Tarini. Bhootpal says his sibling is frantic behind Tarini and not him, asks Tarini and every other artist to leave.

Mansa thinks once she gets what Chanakya sent her here for, she will murder Bhootpal. On the other Chandragupta keeps expending toxic substance and creating insusceptibility while entire Bharath rebeles against Dhananand, Dhananand entertains himself into liquor after Durdhara and Tarini leave him. Mansa keeps keeping Bhootpal occupied in her magnificence and liquor while Tarini look through mystery book about Dhananand’s arrangements. She discovers it. Intoxicated Bhootpal sees her and insults Dhananand’s woman love is his slave and requests Tarini to fill his liquor pots.

Tarini says she completed all her work here, flagging Mansa to execute Bhootpal now. Mansa kisses Bhootpal and slaughters him with her toxin. Chanakya gives Dhananand’s mystery book to Chandragupta. Chandragupta checks book and says this is the reason Dhananand knows every moment data about his administration. Chanakya portrays how all low level laborers like cleaners, drivers, merchants, and so on., convey data to Dhananand and keep him refreshed about the momentum happenings in his line. Chandragupta says they will likewise utilize same system against Dhananand.

Amartya strolls into Dhananand’s room. Intoxicated Dhananand cautions him to stop directly here on the off chance that he can’t discover Tarini. Amartya says there are more significant issues than Tarini, residents in entire tradition has gone radicals, it is smarter to lose Tarini in this circumstance to focus on principle issue. Dhananand cautions in the event that he seized Tarini and on the off chance that he doesn’t tell where she is, he will execute him. Tarini enters and says she is here. Dhananand energetically hurries to her and asks where was she all nowadays. She advises she went to meet her mom to illuminate that she will remain for some more days in Magadh. He embraces her and tells he realized she would not leave her. Amartya exhaust seeinng that. Pandu enters and says there is dismal news. Watchmen bring Bhootpal’s dead body.

Chanakya Niti: A camphor can consume spreading wonderful smell, yet in the event that it is left under sun it will dissolve; correspondingly if an individual isn’t let to demonstrate his ability, he will go pointless.

Precap: Chanakya contracts vishkanya and other talented ladies to prepare Chandragupta’s ladies group.


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