Chandragupta Maurya 4th March 2019 Written Episode Update Chandra convince Kshatriyas to Piplivan to support him
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Dhanananda well-known shows they’re the Kshatriyas of Piplivan and that is what Chandragupta desired to verify. Now, it’s far up to Chandra to win the self-assurance of the Kshatriyas and convince them to sign up for him.

The destiny King of Magadha, Chandragupta, has lost not one however two of his supporters – Dhoomketu and Maitri. each Dhoomketu and Maitri wanted to help Chandragupta within the struggle against Dhanananda and establishing the concept of Akhand Bharat via uniting the rest of the 15 Mahajanapads. Chandragupta became asked by using Dhanananda to punish his pal Dhoomketu via slitting his throat whilst Maitri chose to cease her lifestyles to maintain Chanakya’s assignment unaffected.

Sthoolbhadra who witnesses Maitri’s valour gets disheartened after losing her. He wonders what number of more humans will lay down their lives in the venture. Chanakya believes that demise for the motherland is an ultimate sacrifice and none ought to shrink back from doing his/her obligations.

Chanakya cautions Sthoobhadra to remain sturdy because there may be no conflict of the proper over the incorrect without bloodshed. To reap the intention (in this situation Akhand Bharat), one ought to be willing to sacrifice his all. meanwhile, Chandragupta succeeds in deceiving Dhanananda all over again by means of telling him that Chanakya is probably aware of the name of the game gold mine. He makes Dhanananda monitor the identities of the humans working as labourers.

Dhanananda famous they’re the Kshatriyas of Piplivan and this is what Chandragupta wanted to verify. Now, it’s miles up to Chandra to win the confidence of the Kshatriyas and persuade them to sign up for him for warfare in opposition to Dhanananda.
Will Chandragupta display his actual identification to the Kshatriyas? Will he tell them that he is their Prince?

It’ll be exciting to look at what position Moora performs in this case because she is the Queen of Piplivan, who has been made to paintings as a slave at Dhanananda’s court docket.

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