Chandragupta Maurya 5th March 2019 Written Episode Update
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After accomplishing the goldmine by deceiving Dhanananda another time, Chandragupta sees the deplorable circumstance of the humans of Piplivan. He feels sorry to see them hopeless and devastated.

The war has started in Chanakya’s mind, and he starts getting ready for the identical with the aid of training his disciples. He wants to Indrajanik, Sthoolbhadra and other students to hold a tab on Dhanananda’s army and be vigilant about their pass.

Chanakya also tells Chandragupta to win the religion and confidence of the Kshatriyas of the Piplivan who are operating as slaves in Dhanananda’s secret goldmine. in line with Chanakya, the Kshatriyas of Piplivan will help Chandragupta’s challenge because they’re emotionally connected to the delight of Piplivan. as a result, he instructs Chanakya to chorus from using Seleucus’s navy because they are foreigners and not using an emotional connection to the Akhand Bharat soil.

After reaching the goldmine by way of deceiving Dhanananda another time, Chandragupta sees the deplorable situation of the humans of Piplivan. He feels sorry to look them hopeless and devastated. consequently, he realises that he needs to instil religion in their calibre.

however, Amatya Rakshas doesn’t want Chandragupta in Dhanananda’s closest circle. He feels jealous of Chandragupta and his closeness with the King. Dhanananda humiliates and undermines Amatya Rakshas again and again with the aid of evaluating him to Chandragupta. for this reason, he wants to kill Chandragupta.

In the meantime, Chandragupta gears as much as inspire the Kshatriyas of Piplivan who have lost self-assurance. they have got forgotten their strengths and energy. they have got mentally succumbed to the torture by way of Dhanananda’s military.

To store them from tyranny and inspire them, Chandragupta vows to unfasten them from Dhanananda’s clutches. Will Chandra succeed in prevailing the aid of the human beings of Piplivan? Will he display his proper identity to them?

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