Chandragupta Maurya 6th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Dhanananda kill's Piplivan peoples
Dhanananda kill’s Piplivan peoples

Chandragupta feels sorry for the Kshatriyas of Piplivan who have been forced to work as bonded labourers through Dhanananda inside the goldmine.

The dream of Akhand Bharat isn’t always a minuscule project, and therefore Chandragupta wishes to work very toughly to translate it into fact. He has more than one roadblocks that will pose a problem in the direction of his intention.

After convincing Dhanananda, Chandra succeeds in attaining the goldmine to meet the Kshatriyas of Piplivan with the purpose to instil confidence and determination to fight the enemies.

Chandragupta feels sorry for the Kshatriyas of Piplivan who’ve been pressured to paintings as bonded labourers by means of Dhanananda inside the goldmine. The Kshatriyas were given tortured for over 12 years, and the equal has caused the weakening of the thoughts, frame and soul.

Chandra needs them to rediscover their strengths, however, there is a risk to his lifestyles. Amatya Rakshas instructs Patanraj to kill

Chandra and declare his loss of life become unintended. however, Amatya Rakshas’ conspiracy fails after Chandra ends up killing Patanraj and his squaddies. but will Chandra get stuck? It looks likely due to the fact Dhanananda pays a surprise visit to the goldmine and expresses shock over the death of his infantrymen consisting of Patanraj.

Will Chandragupta be capable of protecting himself yet again and prove that he is innocent? Will he be able to defeat Amatya Rakshas? it will be thrilling to see Chandragupta’s next move, however the precap stocks glimpses of some other massive project for the young boy.

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Dhanananda tells Amatya Rakshas that receives poison mixed with the meals meant for the people of Piplivan inside the goldmine. The precap indicates glimpses of the humans of Piplivan dying after eating poison. Will Chandragupta achieve saving them from further assault? stay tuned for more updates.


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