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Amartya Rakshas informs Dhananand that his brother sponsored off and is the reason for their losing conflict. Dhananand says he knew about it and now he knows his brothers are not dependable to him and hate him being on crown, he can accept as true with handiest Tarini. Amartya informs that Tarini has stopped eating. Dhananand asks didn’t he inform her if she does not consume, nobody in Magadh can devour. He meets Tarini and says he knew she could consume. Tarini says her father and their guru taught now not to cook meals at home at the same time as mourning expensive one’s death. Dhananand asks if she is mourning Mansa’s dying who betrayed him. Tarini says he’s mourning his death, he is a live dead body as he is so merciless without a chunk of mercy. On the alternative side, Chandragupta and Chanakya take Sthul to a secluded area. Sthul says vicinity is so secluded, why did they come right here. Chanakya explains they will kidnap Amartya and preserve it right here until they defeat Dhananand completely. Sthul says why don’t we kill him right away and how will they kidnap him as he is usually with Dhananand among excessive protection. Chandragupta says he has a plan. They knock at a door, an old girl opens door, and they ask if she is Tarini’s mother.

Tarini tells Dhananand that she will no longer depart him, even though will keep to oppose his cruelty. Dhananand says he has changed and he spared Chandragupta and Chanakya and normal defeat just to hold his promise made to her. Mahamartya enters and says Tarini’s mother has sent a message for her. Tarini thinks maa is aware of it is hazardous to send message here, so Chandragupta should have despatched message for positive.

Sthul in Tarini’s mother’s house fumes that he did wrong with the aid of inviting Tarini right here, they misplaced mother Mura due to Tarini’s betrayal. Chandragupta says his mother taught him to forgive humans if they could exchange. Sthul says says she will be able to betray again and will come right here with Dhananand. Chanakya says Tarini will now not do a mistake again. Sthul assessments and informs that Tarini introduced Dhananand alongside and they ought to escape from here. Chandragupta says they will stay here and spot if Tarini is trustable and will come on my own or with Dhananand. Tarini stops cart and asks Dhananand to allow her cross on my own as her mother wouldn’t want to see him after his last errors. Dhananand says now they may be family and he has modified. Tarini requests to permit her go on my own and he concurs. Tarini then walks into hut and requests Chandragupta to name Mura as she needs preserve her explanation in the front of her. Chanakya says due to her betrayal, not most effective Mansa met martyrdom but also Mura. Chandragupta nods sure and says Maa met martyrdom. Tarini feels guilty and gives knife to Chandragupta to punish her. Chanakya asks her to hold her knife lower back as they didn’t name her right here to punish her. Tarini says she notion she would trade Dhananand with her love, but he were given extra merciless in the direction of different. Chandrupta says if she supports them in their revolution, they are able to prevent many harmless lives being lost by Dhananand. Tarini says she can’t cross against Dhananand. Chandragupta says if she hears an vintage secret, she will be able to hate Dhananand. Tarini what’s it. Chandragupta says Dhananand killed her father.

Chanakya Niti: Horse is more effective than human, however human can manage it through a small rein; similarly howmuch ever skills someone is, if he can not manipulate his rein, someone else will control him with rein, so one must preserve their rein with themselves.

Precap: Tarini says Dhananand is merciless but cannot kill her father. Dhananand’s brother confesses that Dhananand killed her father.


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