Chandragupta Maurya 8th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Chandragupta informs Tarini that Dhananand killed her father. Tarini is taken aback to listen that and says her father died on this house because of belly injuries, Dhananand is merciless but can’t kill her father. Sthul brings Dhananand’s brother at sword point who accepts that Dhananand killed her father and best his brothers knew about this secret. He goes into flashback wherein Dhananand’s guru says his education is whole and he needs gurudakshina. Dhananand says he can ask something in gurudakshina. Guru asks him to neglect Tarini and cross some distance far from her, he knows he loves Tarini and he can go to any quantity to turn out to be whole Bharath’s king, he doesn’t want his daughter to be in pain seeing Dhananand’s wrongdoings. Dhananand says as he orders. Guru says he predicted identical and attempts to leave. Dhananand requests him to have meals and pass. Guru agrees. Dhananand mixes poison in guru’s poison and feeds him. Guru reaches home writhing in stomachache. Tarini offers him water. Guru beverages water and dies. Out of flashback, Dhananand’s brother requests Tarini to forgive him as he simply followed Dhananand’s orders. Tarini spares him. He thank you Tarini and says he’s going to go a long way far from Magadh and will not inform everyone what befell right here. Tarini slits his throat and kills him announcing betrayers have to be punished this way; says Dhananand’s 2 brothers are nonetheless left.

Dhananand anticipating Tarini to return asks why she is taking a lot time. Amartya says he will go and test. Dhananand says he will move and check as Tarini gets angry if someone else goes. He walks in the direction of hut when Tarini comes out and says the whole lot is satisfactory, maa is sleeping, allow us to go. Dhananand sees blood stains on her garments and worriedly asks if she is injured. Tarini says a few injuries are ignored, mother’s nose bleeds due to inner injury and it fell on her clothes. Amartya thinks this cannot be nosebleed. Tarini returns to palace with Dhananand and taking him to lab says she heard this region is unique for him, choices a poison bottle and asks whom did he kill with this poison. Dhanaand says a king who dared to initiate him, however there may be no want for it as no king can dare against him. She alternatives another bottle and he says he killed a brahmin as he rejected to attend his administrative team as he’s a barber king. She alternatives every other bottle and he says he gave it to Chanakya, but Chanakya digested even this sturdy poison. She choices any other bottle and asks whom did he kill with this. He reminisces killing his guru/Tarini’s father.

Chandragupta regrettably tries to attract his mother’s image. Durdhara asks what is he doing. He says he is making an attempt to attract mom’s picture, however he can not even pick one image, he’s a failed son and cannot give admire to his mother. Durdhara says he ought to observe her steps, he’s merciful like his mother and gave some other danger to Tarini. Chandragupta says she constantly boasts his morales and he or she is his backbone. Durdhara she is proud to be backbone of a first-rate warrior and he has advantages of all mother and father whose children he’s going to unfastened from slavery. He says if she supports him, he will create a slavery-free Bharath. She emotionally hugs him.

Tarini asks Dhananand again whom did he kill with this poison bottle. Dhananand says if she does no longer believe him, she must pour this poison into his throat. She pulls poison away. He guarantees that he will no longer do something on the way to hurt him. She hides poison bottle beneath her pallu. He says some thing is bothering her. She says her mom is unwell and she or he wishes him to help her therapy her mother. He guarantees. Tarini thinks soon Amartya will be compelled to depart his king.

Chanakya Niti: A spearhead and sword each assist someone attack his enemy; sword remains close to guy and spearhead attack enemy from a distance, one ought to be careful about the enemies nearby to be alert.

Precap: Chandragupta tells Sthul that they may simply capture Amartya and make Dhananand without absolutely everyone’s steering.


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