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Chandragupta gets into mystery chamber earlier than Dhananand returns to his room. Dhananand senses someone changed into gift here, but ignores and walks away. Chandragupta enters chamber and is amused to peer a lot wealth. He thinks the way to get out of this location and reminiscing Chanakya’s clarification of mystery and twists hawk signal. A door opens to jungle. Chandragupta thinks only Dhananand can construct such an extremely good puzzle. He makes X mark on door and walks faraway from there. He reaches Chanakya’s region and excitedly describes in element how he solved puzzle and reaches Dhananand’s wealth. Chanakya throws water on his face to reduce his pleasure and says they have to loot wealth nowadays itself as Dhananand will near Padmanand’s idol room for complete yr after this night. Chandragupta says how can he loot complete wealth by myself. Chanakya says they may make 2 agencies, Chandragupta in a single in order to loot wealth an different group will assist eliminate wealth on carts.

Chandragupta enters palace disguised as soldier and burns Durdhara’s room curtains at the same time as she is in Shipra’s room. He then gathers squaddies to prompt hearth, does not see Mahamartya and thinks where he should be. Mahamartya orders 2 guards to protect Padmanand’s idol room and by no means leave even supposing they’re lifeless. Chandraguptareaches outdoor Padmanand’s idol room and seeing infantrymen asks them cross and set off Durdharea’s room hearth. they say king ordered them now not to move from here although they are dead. Chandragupta says he is unique mission force’s member and they ought to comply with him. They agree and run away. Chandragupta gets into room reminiscing puzzle and thinks what does 1.5 minutes manner. He solves puzzle and reaches wealth. Sthul and other buddies wait on the alternative side. Chandragupta tells him that he did no longer recognize that means of 1.five minutes. Sthul says he trusts Chandragupta that he will solve puzzle.

Dhananand reaches Durdhara who informs that she become in Shipra’s room whilst fire erupted. Mahamartya sees guards and asks what are they doing there. they are saying a soldier ordered them to head and set off princess’ room fireplace. Mahamarty rushes to idol room and unearths soldiers’ clothes there. He rushes returned to Dhananand and informs approximately it. Dhananand realizes meaning someone is trying to loot his wealth. He breaks open idol room door and rushes toward secret wealth chamber. Chandragupta transfers wealth hurriedly on carts and realizes door will close in 1.five minutes. Door starts offevolved last. Sthul asks him to hurry out and escape with whatever wealth they could gather. Chandragupta says he’ll now not leave even a unmarried field and loots complete wealth. Dhananand reaches chamber and is taken aback to look it empty and door final. Chandragupta grins standing on the other side of door.

Chanakya Niti: Chanakya shows gold cash and stacking them says they’ll be on every other for someday after which will collapse not able to face up to their personal weight; further if someone’s greed will increase and gets out of manipulate, one walks at the course of destroyal.

Chandragupta Maurya 8th February 2019 Written Update Precap: Chandragupta brings Chanakya captured in the front of Dhananand. Dhananand attempts to kill Chanakya, but Chandragupta stops him and says if he kills Chanakya, he can not attain his wealth.

Chandragupta Maurya 8th February 2019 Written Episode Update

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