Chandragupta Maurya 4th March 2019 Written Episode Update Chandra convince Kshatriyas to Piplivan to support him
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Chandragupta tells Mahamartya that he wanted to make him experience a prisoner’s existence than just act as one. Mahamartya calls defend Patanraj and says king has despatched this prisoner and ordered to make him paintings tough like other prisoners. Patanraj says he’s going to love seeing young bones extracting gold. Mahamartya sees five prisoners being readied for execution and asks motive. Patanraj says they’re vain to him, so he is executing them and orders guards to kill them. Chandragupta stops them and says he will work on their behalf and tells Chandragupta he is doing this to advantage prisoners’ self belief. Patanraj says let us until when he’ll tolerate trouble. Mahamartya orders him to kill Chandragupta as he’s the most important hurdle for them and reminds his favors. Patanraj assures he’ll kill

Chandragupta soon. He warns 5 prisoners that they escaped dying now, however will die quickly unable to bear torture of this hell. Prisoners curse Chandragupta that he threw them in extra hell by means of saving them. one of them says he’s Dhuthdhwaj whose hands had been very powerful, but now they’re so weak that they could carry handiest a walker stick, he can’t endure his weight anymore. Chandragupta reminisces telling Dhuthdhwaj is the first-class warrior and satisfactory spearhead they have got and everybody used to gain self assurance from him. Guards imprint slave mark on Chandragupta and say he is one among them.
Chanakya tells Sthul and Indra that they must put together their similarly plan even as Chandragupta profits Piplivan khatriyas’ confidence. Indra says being imprisoned for years, they must have lost their confidence, it’ll be very difficult for Chandragupta to gain their self belief. Chanakya says Chandragupta has to first refill self-confidence in them after which gain their self belief.

Mahamartya takes Dhananand to weapon manufacturing facility and says paintings is going on at double velocity and they’re preparing double weapons from earlier than. Dhananand orders to lease extra weapon makers and accelerate manufacturing four instances as he wants to be greater advanced than Seleucus in the whole thing continually and he needs 2 trunk gold from gold mines every day. Mahamartya says sure. Dhananand says his tilchatta/Chandragupta will gain slaves’ self belief and discover Chanakya’s plan soon. Mahamartya thinks Chandragupta could be dead quickly.

protect arms over hammer to Chandragupta announcing he desired to paintings on five prisoners’ behalf. Chandragupta drops hammer not able to bear weight. protect name callings him and suggests Baldev who is breaking stones and says he has lost his confidence and cannot even revolt. Chandragupta reminisces Mura praises Baldev as maximum powerful warrior in Piplivan, and so on. He thinks they’re 500 khatriyas and most effective 50 guards, they are able to easily overpower them but have misplaced their self-confidence. Baldev sees Kalpakhi hen and says something inauspicious will appear quickly. Dhutdhwaj climbs mountain to suicide with the aid of falling into fireplace pit. Baldev says Chandragupta did incorrect through now not letting Dhuthdhwaj die via Patanraj, now a warrior will suicide and attain an ashamed give up. Chandragupta stops Dhuthdhwaj who says their prince and king are killed, nobody is there to take them out of this hell. Chandragupta says no… Patanraj gets active. Chandragupta stops..

Chanakya Niti: Coal and seed look one-of-a-kind, however they each have one aspect in commonplace, under soil’s stress underground, they come to be preceding, coal turns into diamond

Precap: Chandragupta promises to free Piplivan khatriyas from their slavery.
Patanraj punches him down.


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