Chennai Palani Mars Full Movie Leaked Online In HD Quality For Free Download By Piracy Website Tamilrockers 2019

Chennai Palani Mars Tamil Full Movie Leaked Online To Download By Tamilrockers 2019

Chennai Palani Mars is a story about a young man who dares to go to Mars via thoughtful energy. The film begins with the voice of Man Praveen Raja. Praveen’s father wants to go to Mars For that, he decides to travel to a different planet through the power of thought, like Ravana, instead of joining ISRO.

Chennai Palani Mars Movie Reviews & Ratings

Father and son go to the top of a mountain, not listening to other people’s mockery, dressed like an Astronaut, and holding the instrument like a miniature pyramid, staring at the sky. After years of trying, they couldn’t move up the mountain. After 20 years, his son vows to fulfill his father’s dream. In his prediction, he will find a visa for Mars if he tries to reach the top of Palani Mountain.

Chennai Palani Mars Movie Reviews

Story Of Chennai Palani Mars Movie Based On:-

But in the meantime, the addicted hero is killed by a friend who teases him and is taken to a drug rehab center. Then he gets on a bike with another drug friend and escapes to Palani from Chennai. The ‘Chennai Palani Mars’ is his journey to Mars. This is more of a headache than watching a movie when reading it. When we get into almost a monster, we feel the same. Dear Comrade Full Movie Download

Positive Points of the Chennai Palani Mars Movie:-

Throughout the film, two drug addicts feel trapped. The question that arises after watching the film is that it is the creator of the director who took the orange candy. Vijay Sethupathiyam is the story of this film. The truth cannot be trusted.

Negative Points of the Chennai Palani Mars Movie:-

Man Praveen and his friend Rajesh Giri Prasad are always on the sidelines. Initially, they are laughing lightly, but it is annoying to go. At the end of the film, the director would say a message, that is the highlight. What it is … After every human success there will be many geniuses. Kannah pinnaannu picture and finally put something to the message, this fashion is gone.

Chennai Palani Mars Movie Final Verdict:-

The only consolation of the film is the videotape. Biju can be appreciated for that. The Silhouette View Sema Peeling in the Interwell Block. Otherwise the film’s story, movement and editing could not be appreciated. Niranjan Babu’s music comes with Lasa. So I couldn’t taste it. Vijay Sethupathi’s verses such as, “How many years have you gone to that mountain, go to Mount Safari”, are breathtaking. Another consolation of the film is the police inspector and his constable. While traveling from Chennai to Palani on the Main Road Avlo Perisa, the forest, meadow, chandulayaye cart is not known to walk. The car will certainly not go until Tuesday, or even until next Tuesday.

Rating Of Chennai Palani Mars Movie 5/3 Tellyupdates.Me

Main Artists: Praveen Raja, Rajesh Giriprasad, Vasant Marimuthu

Director: Biju Viswanath


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