Children who want to die by twelve people
From “Children who want to die by twelve people” – (C) 2019 “Children who want to die” Production committee

It was revealed that the box office income of the movie ” Twelve people want to die ” on January 25 exceeded 1.2 billion yen (figures are announced by distribution). Supporting this hit is said to be young people in their teens and early twenties who sympathize with the message nature of their work.

This film is a closed-door suspense whose director Tsutsumi Yukihiko who worked on the ” trick ” series made a film of Okata Den ‘s same name a movie. Sugisaki=, Nitta Seri Yuu , Kitamura Takumi, Takasugi Masakazu, Kuroshima Kana , Hashimoto Kana and other popular young casts have gathered a hot topic. In the first week’s box office performance, the number of spectators mobilized exceeded 260,000 in three days from January 25th to 28th (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), and the box office income also got a good start with about 340 million yen.

As of February 13, three weeks after publication, the mobilization number reached 950,000 people, box office revenue exceeded 1.2 billion yen, and it still looks good. The popular cast of the minor of euthanasia volunteers who has been performing the hit by this popular cast is driving the hit of this work from the teenage junior high and high school students to the early twenties, especially in the case of junior and senior couple and parent and child, 3 People say there is a tendency for visitors to have more than 6 friends.

This work that had been collecting topics from sensational titles and gorgeous cast presentations before release, but the core of word of mouth is the fact that 12 young people who are the hero of suspense have “the reason I want to die” It seems. It can be said that the young generation gave the impression and empathy different from receiving from the advertisement etc. which makes deep message nature contribute to the hit and feels shocking titles and insanity.

SNS etc “Even though I was able to know the importance of life unlike expectation” “It is a suspense but it is in the area of youth movies” and “Voice of adults can be sympathized as well as teenagers” , You can catch a glimpse of the reasons for hits driven by young people.


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