Children who want to die by twelve people
From the movie “Children who want to die by twelve people” – (C) 2019 “Children who want to die” Production committee

The movie “12 children want to die ” recording a big hit , attention is increasingly cast in the cast of “corpse” appearing in the play.

This work is a closed-door suspense that filmed the same name story by Okata Denki directed by Tsutsumi Yukihiko, who worked on ” Trick ” series and others . Sugisaki , Nitta serious sweetheart , Kitamura Takumi , Takasugi Masakazu , Kuroshima Kana , Hashimoto Kana and other popular young casts have gathered a hot topic. Even after the third week from the release, the national film recruitment rankings showed the seventh place in good condition (Kowo Communications Corp. survey, 2 days / week / 9 / 10th February).

Twelve who gathered at a waste hospital seeking euthanasia, but the still-warm dead body of the thirteenth person left in the closed room is blocked by the plan. They decided to overheat deception and fraud in suspicion in front of unidentified dead bodies. This corpse, which is a fire of a closed room suspense game, is enveloped in a mystery, and has a strong presence even in the play.

This was served as a corpse auditors, Boys group XOX a former member of, is now armed with neutral looks has been working as a model and actor Toman . In SNS etc., it is a topic that playing cartoon “corpses” with.

Such he is Haruka Ayase , Masahiro Higashide et al. In addition to that he was a boy the role of the 14-year-old “defense person final chapter of the Holy Spirit” 2017 drama starring, broadcast from April Rokka Ihara of starring drama “Meiji east He is responsible for Izumi Kaga (role in movie version) at Koi Gaka. Also, the movie “Bye bye, Vamp! It is planned to appear also in the place where you want to expect activity in the screen from now on.


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