Chiranjeevi loved wife Meghna very much see love story in pictures

The entire South Industry is immersed in the show after the death of Kannada actor Chiranjeevi. But of course, his wife Meghna Raj must have felt the shock of her husband’s departure. There was not much time for Chirnjeevi’s marriage. After a long relationship with Meghna Raj, the two married in the year 2018 itself.

Meghna and Chiranjeevi were quite happy with each other. If you look at Chiranjeevi’s Instagram account, you will get many such photos which show how happy couple were. But perhaps luck had something else approved. Chiranjeevi suffered a heart attack on June 7, and after that he left his Loving wife Meghna Raj and left forever.

After Charanjeevi passed away, his fans came to know that his wife Meghna was going to become a mother. That is, Charanjeevi left this world without seeing the face of his child. Meghna is pregnant for three months. Chiranjeev and Meghna were supposed to give their happy news after some time, but before that the actor died. Chironjeevi was just 39 years old.

He was cremated at his farm house in Kanakpura in Bangalore on Monday. Some pictures have come out of Chiranjeevi’s funeral, in which his wife is seen crying and crying. Chiranjeevi’s last visit included several superstars from South.

The sudden demise of Kannada cinema superstar Chiranjeevi Saraja caused a shock to the Kannada film industry. Chiranjeevi, 39, died of a heart attack. He was cremated on Monday. During this time, his wife Meghna Raj appeared very emotional. At the same time, a large number of fans and celebrities saw Chiranjeevi.

Chiranjeevi’s last rites were performed on Monday afternoon at his farm house in Kanakpura in Bangalore. During this, many celebrities including Kannada cinema superstars Yash, Shiva Rajkumar and Kicha Sudeep were present. A large number of fans took to the streets to say goodbye to their Twitter star. The queues of fans can be seen in the photos. During this time Chiranjeevi’s wife Meghna had a bad health. The friends who came along were seen trying to take care of her. There are reports that Meghna is pregnant. They were married only two years ago.

Chiranjeevi died on Sunday in a private hospital in Bengaluru. According to media reports, on Saturday, he complained of severe heartache and difficulty in breathing. Consulted a doctor. He was taken to the hospital on Sunday, but the doctors could not save him. Chiranjeevi’s sudden demise has shocked the film industry. Many artists expressed their grief and condolences through social media.

Chiranjeevi used to come from a family of artists. His grandfather Shakti Prasad was a veteran of Kannada cinema. Brother Dhruv Sarja and nephew Arjun Sarja are also actors. Chiranjeevi acted in 22 films. He started his innings in films with Vayuputra. Instant Bollywood has shared pictures of his last journey.

In the year 2020, the Indian entertainment industry has suffered many setbacks. Many actors from the Hindi film industry including Rishi Kapoor, Irrfan Khan, Basu Chatterjee, lyricist Yogesh, Anwar Sagar have said goodbye. Apart from these, some actors of the TV industry also did suicide. Crime Patrol fame actress Preksha Mehta and TV actor Manmeet chose the path of death due to unemployment.


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