Choti Sardarni 10th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

PA says Meher cleared that cheque. Sarab says she would always ask me before doing it.
Kulwant calls her friends and tells them about Bitu’s wedding.
Sarab meets banker and asks does Meher has cheque deposited from my bank? He says yes. Here is the deposit slip. It has Meher’s signatures. Sarab sees the signatures. He says okay. As she wishes. I don’t want to know anything beyond it. The banker calls someone later and says Sarab came. He asked about the cheque.

Bitu is with his girlfriend in the market. Kulwant and Rana come there as well.
Meher leaves the house. Sarab follows her. Meher comes to meet someone. The proposal girl says to Kulwant Pinky’s family said yes.
Bitu says meets his gf’s parents. He says we will marrysoon. The proposal girl says Pinky’s family doesn’t want any affairs or such things from Bitu’s past. Kulwant says don’t worry.

Meher comes out with money. Sarab follows her.

Param gets Meher’s soup made. He says add tomato. Mama likes it. Rovi says she was lying. She never went to an orthopedic doctor. Dolly says we have to keep an eye on Sarab as well. The soup is ready. Param says give me the bowl. I will take it for mama. Param says mama, I am here. Have your soup. He takes off the sheet. Meher isn’t there. Param looks for Meher. Param says mama, I asked you to rest. I will be mad at you if you don’t come in 5. Preeti says what happened? Param says mama isn’t home. Preeti says she is playing hide and seek with you. Param calls Sarab. He says Meher mama isn’t anywhere. She has to rest. Sarab says don’t worry. She will be home in a few minutes.

Sarab says Meher, where are you going? Who would you give the money to? Dolly says Preeti go look for Meher.
Kulwant gets her name board made. It has PR Manager of Sarab’s party. She says Rana look at this. Rana says you should ask Sarab once. Meher is doing such dramas. Kulwant says Jagga and Amrita will ask her what is happening. I won’t let my plan be ruined.

Param says Meher mama I am looking for you. Dolly says Meher stop playing hide and seek. Param made soup for you. Preeti says I will play with you. Dolly says no you go and look where Meher is. I have to find out where did she go.

Kulwant says Meher did what we asked. Amrita says yes they are happy. Kulwant says that means Sarab is considering him his child. Jagga says why won’t they tell anyone?? Kulwant says people tell on right time. Jagga says family knows. Kulwant says Harleen and Dolly must know. We will take sweets there.
Meher says this Dhaba was my life. I won’t let it shut down. It had the most beautiful memories of my life. He says Sharma was recalling you and Manav while dying. Meher gives him money and leaves. Meher says I don’t tell anyone. Sarab is looking at her. Sarab says in heart I hope he isn’t a blackmailer.

Precap-Meher says to Jagga I suffocate when I see that house. Here is the remaining money of what mummy gave me. Return it to her. Sarab looks at her giving money to Jagga.


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