Choti Sardarni 11th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Meher brings Manav’s bicycle and does arti. Meher says your first dream worked out as expected. He says my first and last dream is you. I will give you so much bliss that you won’t ever cry notwithstanding when you cut onions. SHe says you would make me cut onions? He says I would do that. Amrita calls Meher. She says where are you? Meher says I am with bubly. Meher sits with Manav. He says I needed a kiss? She says here? He says not yours, bicycles. He kisses his bicycle. A few hooligans hoot at her. They leave.

Param discards every one of the diapers and says I won’t wear them any longer. Harleen says what are yu doing. Sarab says let him do it. Sarab says how about we watch animation. Or on the other hand we should shading? Param is vexed. Sarab says what might we shading? Zebra? What are te hues in Zebra? red? blue? dark. Param discards the book. Sarab says how about we make pizza. Param says I don’t to eat anything. He leaves. Sarab reviews param requesting mother. Sarab says what was that young lady’s name? She says Meher.

Meher and Manav shop. Manav says I have chosen where might we go on special first night. The hooligans state bhabhi ji get us on shopping as well. They ruin Manav’s bicycle. Mana comes and slaps one of them. Manav hits them all.. One of them hits Mavaa on head. Meher hits him with a truck. She secures on cooler. Guards come and catch Param with hooligans.

Param is in lock up. Meher says don’t stress I will accomplish something. The hooligans state document a FIR. Meher says it wasn’t our misstep. They made trouble with us. Manav is guiltless. He says I know, these folks do this regularly. In any case, Manav hit them as well. So I should document a FIR. Meher says that would destroy his vocation kindly don’t do this.

Gulwand sees Sarab’s meetings. She says Param needs siphon houses in the town. Think of him a letter that we need him to visit out siphon house.

Meher says to the hooligans, I will record attack case on the off chance that you document a FIR. He says give me 75,000 or I have another way. Meher slaps him and says what amount of now? He says 1 lac. Meher gives them cash.

Manav leaves correctional facility. Investigator says you are fortunate to have a young lady like her. Sarab says I will meet Meher.

Preacp-Gulwand asks Meher where is your bangle? SHe says I offered it to bubbly. Gulwand says I need it back tomorrow. Sarab says to Param we need to go meet somebody.


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