Choti Sardarni 13th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Sarab goes to Meher. HE covers her with a sheet and takes her out. every person screams. no person can get is. Sarab alternatives her and walks out. Sarab brings Meher downstairs. Meher opens eyes. Sarab’s sherwani receives caught in her shirt. Meher gets up. Kulwant comes and hugs Meher. Kulwant says tahnk God you’re exceptional. Bitu says we have to thank Sarab.

Meher says my daddy ji is isnide. His image is there. Kulwant says we are able to get every other photograph. Meher tries to move in. Sarba runs within the room. Sarab choices Meher’s father’s image and is derived down. He says your dad’s picture. Meher cries. Sarab says are you k? Kulwant says she is in shock. in case you weren’t here I don’t know what would have passed off. Jagga says thanks so much. Sarab says don’t say that. Sarab leaves.

Police comes to Meher’s residence afyer sarab depart. Kulwant says to Bubbly so that you aren’t any stuck here. they bring her dad. Kulwant says now your dad is right here too. He might pay for it now. Kulwant says make him sign the papers. Kulwant says now your dad has to name all his belongings to us now for the drama you did. Jagga comes and says need to I tell Meher? Police is outdoor. Kulwant leaves them.

Sarab comes domestic. Hukumchand says dolly mausi is here. Dolly comes in. Her daughter Sweeti comes too. Sarab says welcome. He says mausi welcome. She says call me momsi. Param meets her. Dolly says he has grown up. Param says i’m still little.

Dolly says sarab get married now. What’s her call? He says Meher. She says it’s so warm right here. She says these parathas aren’t accurate. Sarab says cook dinner them again. Dolly says your wife to be will ought to skip my check.

Yuvi involves Meher and says eat please. You haven’t eaten anything. He counts down. Kulwant looks in. She recalls she combined some thing in that milk and gave it to yuvi.

Meher faints. Kulwant remembers she stated to Bubly do what I ask.

Bubly is there. She has to get dressed as Meher. Kulwant blackmailed her. She has face masks on her face. Tara asks Bubbly who’re you? She says Meher. Tara says do you know this man? She says i simply know him. His call is Manav. Tara says did manav come right here on 24th july? Bubbly says no.

Meher tries to arise. Tara says congratulations Meher. Meher receives up. She recalls the milk she drank. Meher screams. Tara stops.

Precap: Meher comes downstairs and says you killed my baby? i will kill myself now. She choices a glass.


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