Choti Sardarni 13th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Harleen’s better half says I let you know somethin isn’t right here. Kilwant says Meher make Sarab wear the ring. Meher makes him wear the ring. Param says my mother is so goof. He holds their hands together. Meher says to Amrita I have to go to mummy ji. Sarab says thank you for coming everybody. I am exceptionally glad to see Param upbeat. I have never observed this grin. Much obliged to you Meher. He says Param would have a mother and father both from now possess. I attempted to fulfill him inevitably. He would compose everything in his scratch pad. He said he would disclose to us when Meher gets back home Param understands, I will progress toward becoming superhuman when mummy comes. Mummy will make me solid.

Mummy will make me fearless. I will most likely battle with my children. I will turn out to be hero and I won’t pee in my jeans. I will request that mummy reprimand terrible children. I will rest in her lap. He embraces Meher. Param says thank you dad. Yuvi says I will perceive how you take my bua. Param says mummy you like me? Meher gestures. He says where is my kiss? Meher kisses him on the face. He says my mummy is so decent. Param makes her grin.

Kulwant says time ti move and celebrate. Harleem says please MEher. Sarab expands his hand. Meher holds his hand. Meher and Sarab move. She sees Manav in him. Meher grins. Meher slips. Sarab says would you say you are alright? He picks her and takes her to couch.

Harleen’s better half observes Bubly in the house. He says something isn’t right. She shouts open the entryway. He opens the entryway. Bubbly says I need to meet meher. He says would you say you are alright? Was this all right or? She runs ground floor.

Everybody is moving. Bubbly comes to Sarab. Bitu opens the crystal fixture and it tumbles down. Everybody gets terrified. Sarab says don’t freeze everybody is fine. Kulwant says God spared us. Bitu hauls Bubbly to a room. Meher says leave her. Rana takes Meher to the next room.

Harleen says where is Meher? Kulwant says she went upstairs. He says dad I need to meet mummy. Sarab goes upstairs. Kulwant follows him. Harleen’s significant other says let them meet. Harleen and her better half are leaving. He says we will meet if all is well.

Rana secures Meherr is in the room. Meher attempts to run. Param and sarab are coming upstairs. Rana secures Meher in the room. She is going to get an electric stun. Meher tumbles down. The room bursts into flames. Kulwant finds in the recording. She shouts and says Meher’s room is ablaze. Sarab runs upstairs. sarab comes in the room. Meher is blacked out.

Precap: Kulwant shouts for Meher. Sarab keeps running in her rooom and picks her.


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