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The specialist says attempt to get Mr. Gill. It’s multi month and a muddled case. It very well may be hazardous for both. It relies upon your choice in the event that we should spare the youngster or mother. Sarab says what are you saying? I can’t settle on such a choice. How might I pick between my better half and kid? I am upset for yelling. Would i be able to meet Meher? The specialist says truly, however we don’t have a great deal of time. We should regard her when we have her reports.

Sarab goes to Meher’s room. Sarab holds Meher’s hand and says, my daring young lady. Sarab says I addressed the specialist. She said they will deal with everything. I guarantee you I won’t let anything transpire. Meher says I.. What am I doing here? I don’t recall that anything? Sarba says you.. He lets him know Meher raced to spare Sarab from a vehicle that could hit him and fell. Meher says, my youngster. Would he be fine? Sarab says all is well, both you and this youngster. Meher says I won’t let anything happen to my youngster. He’s my life. Sarab reviews the specialist requesting that he settle on a choice. Sarab’s hands shake. Meher says what are you thinking? Sarab says what? Meher says you’re considering me and this youngster. You never consider yourself.

Param comes inside crying. Param cries and says Meher mom please return home with the infant. I don’t care for it there without you. When will you come? You guaranteed me you will bring them home. Meher says we will come soon. Both mom and the child. Meher says guarantee.

Scene 2

Meher reviews she was sitting with Amrita. She asks Amrita to ask him where is Rana going? Rana says to party with my companions. Meher says request that he sit home. he’s getting hitched after so much difficulty. Amrita says you’re correct. Rana you ought to sit him. Amrita says they’re getting hitched as a result of you. Meher says all credit goes to Sarab. Amrita says wow genuine romance.

Meher goes to the corridor. Penny puts a weapon on her. He grins. Meher reviews Giddi beseeched her to spare her from wedding. Penny says sasrikal. Penny says you should be asking what am I doing here when my genuine foe is Sarab? You need to hit an individual’s frail point. He hauls Meher with him. Everybody comes in the lobby. Penny shoots noticeable all around and says on the off chance that anybody approaches I will shoot her. He takes her to the vehicle. Penny says we don’t have to do anything. Sarab will beseech me to leave his significant other. he requests that his driver move. Everybody attempts to call Sarab and Jagga yet their telephones are far off. Kulwant says Sarab’s telephone is occupied. Penny calls Sarab and says your significant other is with me. In the event that you need her back, bring Ginny. Sarab is perched on the driving seat. He says OK, you called and I am here. Penny is stunned. Meher grins.

Penny says I will shoot her. He pulls the trigger yet there ae no projectiles. Sarab says it’s unfilled like your mind. Sarab shows him the shots he took. Sarab says you figured you could take my better half? nobody can even glance at her. Let me take you to the correct spot. Come outside the vehicle. Penny ventures out. Sarab asks Meher to sit in the vehicle. Sarab says there are such huge numbers of wild creatures here and we are going to leave you here. Since you’re a lion. In the event that you are alive, gone to my place tomorrow. Rana is getting hitched to Ginni. Sarab and Meher leave him there and drive away.

Meher says I realized you would come however like this. Sarab says that is my style. At the point when it’s about you, I can do anything. Did you like my style? Meher says strong. Meher says did you realize that they will accomplish something to that effect? Sarab says yes. They won’t sit quietly. We must be cautious. Kulwant calls Sarab. Sarab says she should be stressed. Converse with her, if it’s not too much trouble Meher makes proper acquaintance. Kulwant says Meher.. You’re with Sarab? Where is that Penny? is it accurate to say that you are alright? Meher says nothing can transpire as long as Sarab is there. Kulwant says thanks to God.

Scene 3

The medical attendant asks Sarab to sign the papers. He quits considering the past. The medical attendant says we will keep it secret whose life would you pick. Sarab reviews Meher saying the youngster is her life. Sarab takes a gander at the structure in trouble. He takes a gander at Param. Sarab reviews his minutes with Meher.


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